A Congressman Thinks Hijabed Lady Liberty Is Something to Be Proud Of

Representative Lou Correa is defending a picture of a hijabed Lady Liberty on the wall of his office.

The activist group We The People is trying to drum up pressure on Congressman Lou Correa to remove his picture of a hijabed Lady Liberty.

In my opinion, it is more important to get Lou Correa removed from office than to remove the picture.

Of course, Correa claims that the hijabed Lady Liberty represents some kind of immigrant experience. But we don’t require women to wear the hijab. It looks more like a Muslim immigrant ambition: to make our country into one of theirs.

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According to CBS Los Angeles, “OC Congressman Defends Painting Of Hijab-Clad Lady Liberty.

A small but highly symbolic painting hanging on the wall of an Orange County Congressman’s office is being criticized by some activists as unpatriotic.


Correa posted a photo of the painting on his Instagram account with the following caption: “There are some who #hate this painting and want me to take it down. I see a young woman who is trying very hard to show people that she is an #American. “If I took down her #art, I’d be telling the world her experiences don’t matter and she did something wrong. This is her country too, and she earned that spot on my wall.”

Read the entire CBS Los Angeles story.

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