A Congressional Investigation Can Impoverish Everyone… Even Witnesses

Even those not accused are getting financially decimated by being named in a congressional investigation.

Even those not accused are getting financially decimated by being named in a congressional investigation.

Forget the legal expense of being targeted by the Mueller witch hunt; even being a witness in a relatively reasonable Congressional investigation can bankrupt you. One Trump campaign adviser, Michael Caputo, is not even accused of anything, but has had to pay $25,000 in legal fees each time he is called to testify as a witness. That is in addition to losing clients and getting death threats against himself and his family.

Here’s Caputo telling MSNBC that the FBI is the KGB:

CNBC reports, “Trump’s allies are drowning in legal fees from the Russia probes.

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The ongoing probes of Russian election meddling are roiling Washington, spawning new legal actions — and increasingly, emptying the pockets of the people involved in them.

Becoming ensnared in a federal investigation […] can pose a serious financial threat for those involved at any level.

In an interview with CNBC, former Trump campaign advisor Michael Caputo described the financial strain of being a witness in the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation.

“If you don’t go into a congressional hearing thoroughly prepared, then you should bring a toothbrush, because you’re going to be there a while,” Caputo said in a phone interview.

While his legal fees were cheaper in his home state of New York than they would be in Washington, Caputo still paid about $25,000 per hearing. A good chunk of that fee actually goes toward producing the required documents for investigators. For Caputo, who has known and communicated with some of the central figures in the federal probes for decades, it’s a huge task.

“If I have 800 emails where I mention Trump and Russia in the same email, figuring out which ones are of interest to an investigator is above my pay grade” to sift through alone, Caputo said.

Caputo said he first retained attorneys in March last year, after he was named by Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., in congressional testimony as being Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “image consultant.” He has since filed an ethics complaint against Speier, whom he called “a liar all the way to the cellular level.”


Caputo has only been interviewed by the House committee as a witness, meaning he is not suspected of committing any crimes. He has been tapped to testify before investigators in the Senate, however, and said he expects to be called before special counsel Robert Mueller’s team in the future.

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