A Chat With the Devil

A Chat With The Devil

The share of the small business market is dwindling. Almost all the sectors of the economy suffer – grocery stores, factories, small farms, etc. The negative impact is obvious in many aspects. We can pay visits to small towns and the abandoned and boarded stores as we tour their dead downtowns.

Talk to farmers, who live in poverty on their 100-acre farms. They are looking for jobs. The corporate farms, which have the money to influence politicians, push for regulations that the small farmers can’t afford. The neo-lords drive them out and buy more and more of their land turning them into peasants.

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Small business is the biggest creator of jobs. The middle class in America is suffering as a result of the elite-businessmen influencing legislation that destroys small business, and when they move their factories out of the country, they take what’s left of the jobs with them, leaving destruction in their wake.

High taxes and other policies hurt big business, but kills small business. The increasing wealth in the hands of big business makes them more competitive. The foreign-made products that need cheap labor are welcome in the country since it is produced by our Big Business-men. They can move their factories abroad, while a small business can’t.

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On the other hand, pharmaceutical companies, which do not need cheap labor, operate in America. They are left to abuse the market by enjoying the ban on medicines made abroad from entering the country. The government decided that medicines made in England, Germany, France, Japan, etc. can’t be sold in the United States. Ironically, some medicines produced in America are sold to Chinese patients for a fraction of what they charge American patients. In fact, China negotiated recently further drug price cuts with our patriotic companies, lowering the prices for the Chinese in some cases, to less than 50%.

Now, let’s sneak under the table and listen to a conversation between two elite businessmen… one is a tycoon and the other is his young protégé:

– We will make the lake deeper; we can fish with our big boats, and they will drown with their small boats.

– What do you mean?

– We will make the government build extra infrastructure that benefits our big business and kills the small business.

– Don’t they pay more taxes than we do? The government will use that money to help us kill them?

– Yes, we’ll put them out of business using their own money. Now, their customers are ours; we swallowed the market.

– Oh, it looks like some of them survived!

– Not for long – we’re getting bigger, we can sell cheap. 10% profit is good for us, but for a small business owner, it wouldn’t even feed his kids.

– We did it. They are out of business….Wait a minute, the relatively bigger ones are still in business!

 Hmm….a free trade agreement will finish them….We will tell the government to sign a couple of these agreements. The manufacturers can’t compete with the products made by the slaves in China.

– How about us? Would we be able to compete with the Chinese products?

– For sure, no. But you know what? We can move our business to China. They can’t do that. They are too small to do it.

– It looks like with the cheap merchandise sold by some of the small service businesses are flourishing.

– Not for long. They will boom, then after some time they will die. As we keep closing the factories, we will keep firing workers. These jobless workers will have no money to spend, and the market will diminish.

– Wouldn’t that hurt us as well?

– Yes and we’ll be bankrupt.

– How would this be good for us?

– Did you forget that the politicians are ours? The government will bail us out.

– With tax money paid by the people whom we fired?

– Yes, and the government will feed the smaller business to the bigger one. We will buy them, and the government will pay.

– Wouldn’t this mean that we have to downsize?

– Precisely, and we fire more workers.

– You mean the workers who paid the taxes that the government used to buy the smaller business for us that they used to work for?

– Yes, we kill them with their own sword. We starve them and their children with their own money.

– We have a Democrat president and a Republican Congress. Which one will help us?

– Both. They are ours. One would decide and the other would approve. After they yell at the executives and box their ears.

– The market is smaller now, what are we going to do?

– No harm. If the middle class is diminishing in America, it is growing in China. What we lose here, we’ll gain there.

– Don’t you feel bad for America and the Americans?

 Ah… I feel good for my money. We used to be British, now we are Americans, and soon we’ll be Chinese.

The king doesn’t care which kingdom he is ruling.

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