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Is the Head of the CDC Really that Dumb?

Obstinate or obtuse?

The head of the CDC says that banning all flights from western Africa to stop the spread of Ebola to America would CAUSE THE DISEASE TO SPREAD MORE.


Banning all flights from western Africa would ensure that no more people with Ebola would come to this country from that area.

But CDC Director, Dr. Thomas Frieden, says that a travel ban would actually spread the disease faster.  Why?  He says that aid workers wouldn’t be able to travel to the infected area in West Africa.

Is he serious?  Is he being obstinate?  Or is he simply being obtuse?  It goes without saying that aid workers going to the area would be exempt from such a travel ban.  It is ludicrous to even insinuate otherwise.  Yet, this is the entire basis for his argument against a travel ban.

The ban would be to keep people infected with Ebola from lying and getting on a flight to America in the hopes of being saved.

NOT implementing this travel ban increases the risk that an infected person will get on a flight to come here and take advantage of the best health care system in the world.

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