Liberal Democrats Pretending to be Moderate Republicans Who Disagree with President Obama on Everything!

This cartoon was done quickly and with little regard for the placement of the verbiage, until after the characters were drawn. Thus, the verbiage is a little hard to track. (It would have been a major re-do to fix at this juncture. I’ve got a day job.)

The scenario is a press conference I saw recently. I forget the woman’s name who was presenting herself as a Senatorial candidate, but that doesn’t matter. Anyone as silly as she is shouldn’t get serious consideration. She absolutely refused to answer a simple “yes or no” question about whether she had voted for Obama. (Maybe she’s forgotten. Twice.) But, her lack of character and candor is unimportant at this juncture. We know to expect people of her ilk in American politics. We even expect them to sometimes win. People who will lie to us without compunction or fear of the voters are always going to be around. It’s standard fare today…but this woman illustrated something beneath the surface, which should be noted. Liberals …the cynical politicians with utter disdain for their fellow citizens … are even beginning to notice the voters are getting hip to their baloney. And these dolts…the politicians…not the voters… are getting scared.

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This aspiring Senatorette did everything she could to avoid answering the question about her vote for Obama. She didn’t really invoke the Kansas City Royals and their incredible success in the playoffs. I tossed that in to make her insufferably disingenuous and untruthful “answer” a little more interesting. You know…have some fun. (Liberal/socialist/commie/pukes never have a sense of humor, so they have to be helped in the “funny” department.) Ignoring the wanna’-be Senatorette’s lie for the moment, and in an attempt to be “nice” (which Obama has taught us never works out), let’s just say she was a bore.

But the important thing to understand about her sophomoric evasiveness is the apparent fear socialists now have of being associated with Obama and the horrific failure that is his frat-boys-kegger-administration. They are dogpaddling away from the sinking USS Obama before the undertow drags them to their deserved doom beneath the waves of the perfect early November storm.

For me this is a hopeful sign. The average intelligent American is much smarter than the typical Liberal politician. (Who isn’t?) So, I am hoping that the American electorate is finally wide awake and…being smarter than the average disingenuous socialist/commie/liberal politician…has observed what even liberals are finally inadvertently acknowledging in press conferences like the one in my cartoon. Obamaism has failed and placed America in peril.

Everybody knows that.

Sounds like a commercial for the insurance company with the lizard spokesperson. (Or is he an amphibian?)

Oct. 14, 2014_Avoiding Obama

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Stephen Bowers

Stephen Bowers

I am an attorney in Las Vegas who has always wanted to draw political cartoons, partly because I like drawing, but mostly because I enjoy ridiculing pompous know-nothings. Verbally debating them gets nowhere. They don't know they're beaten. But poking fun at them in a drawing leaves them without recourse or rebuttal. What can they do...? Call me names, whine, cuss me ... or maybe draw a witty riposte? Unlikely.
Steve Bowers, Esq.

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