Liberals Hate Minority Conservatives

Don Lemon is black, he also happens to be gay, and works as a news anchor and commentator for CNN. He would likely never be described as a conservative, but recently he defended Bill O’Reilly for some commentary he gave on the breakdown of the black community. In fact, Lemon said O’Reilly did not go far enough in his condemnation of the problems facing the black community.

For that, Lemon has faced increasing fire from the Left, and he may now be experiencing what many minority conservatives face every day. Fortunately for us, we can observe the leftist hypocrisy on race in all its glory, thanks to modern technological advancements like Twitter.

First, here’s what Don Lemon has faced in the twtitterverse since his defense of Bill O’Reilly.

As I said before, minority conservatives had been putting up with stuff like this much longer than Don Lemon has, and the Internet serves up just a few examples.

Larry Elder recently took heat (most of the language is of an adult nature – be warned) for his difference of opinion with Piers Morgan about the George Zimmerman trial.  I would post an example, but it’s all so disgusting, I’d rather not.

Dr. Ben Carson knows what it is to rile up the Left as well, he showed his conservative colors and immediately became persona non grata.

The famous Hollywood starlet Eva Longoria clearly displayed how she felt about conservative minorities when she tweeted, “I have no idea why any woman/minority can vote for Romney. You have to be stupid to vote for such a racist/misogynistic twat—” She swiftly deleted the tweet, and then won an award for promoting “racial justice.” How can someone win an award like that after calling any minority who voted Republican “stupid?” It’s beyond comprehension.

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) knows what it’s like too.

Michelle Malkin has faced torrents of racial and misogynistic abuse, and has documented it for us at several of her websites.

bencarsonFortunately, I have neither the years of experience or the fame that many of the above folks do, but even an insignificant blogger like myself has to daily deal with trolls and haters. I’ve had my Hispanic credentials questioned (at least I was Hispanic until CNN informed me that I was actually a “white-Hispanic” — though according to Toure I am a Cuban-American), I’ve been told that I was of African descent and simply denying my heritage, and I’ve seen liberals cringe when I reveal my conservative tendencies.

What the Left misses is that my politics are not predicated on my color, but on my belief that the world can be a better place if people are free to make it so. I am a small government conservative because I believe that the private sector is better able to meet the needs of the people than the government. I am socially conservative because I believe in perfect moral absolutes designed by God in eternity past. I am pro-life because I believe every person has the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, no matter their age. In fact, the only belief I hold to that has anything to do with my ethnicity is my belief that Fidel Castro, his brother, and their minions are soulless monsters. But I am biased because my family has lost so much to their bloodlust and desire for power.

My point is this: the color of our skin shouldn’t preclude us from our beliefs. I shouldn’t be less Latino because I happen to be a conservative. I love my heritage, I love my culture, I love my family and I love our history.

My political beliefs are informed by that history, but are not dictated by it.

So, silly leftists – I’m a Latino and a Conservative… get over it.


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