A Stressed-Out Nation

Never in the history of this country have we seen such a surge of unabashed, senseless violence. There is a growing aura of discontent and a seething, nervous anger that continuously displays itself in legions of road rage, shopping center brawls, schoolroom free-for-alls, street gang violence, soccer field melees, violent muggings, and indiscriminate mass killings — and it is showing no signs of diminishing. We debate on removing guns from our citizenry, providing more protection for school children, and more mental health care for potential human time bombs, but no one seems to be seeking the source, as if we’re afraid to look into ourselves for fear we may find the answer too ugly or unacceptable.

The truth is, we are a nation that is stressed-out nearing our collective stress limit. Our population is exploding and our resources diminishing. Our economy is failing while we have more people than ever before desperately needing work. Families are imploding over the stress of finances and diminishing religious values, and new mores and codes are obliterating the standards we have lived by for generations.

Just 50 years ago, by and large it required only one person in a family to work, to support that family. Today, most families with two or more people working are barely getting by. But much of this is a byproduct of America’s monumental advertising hype – we have been brainwashed by the magic box into believing we cannot find contentment without exotic electronics, new cars, designer clothing, and gourmet foods. As a result, with each new acquisition (that fails to fulfill us) we find ourselves more resentful and less satisfied than we were. There is always something else we need to have to complete us.

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We crowd into concrete cities with unhealthy air, too little sunshine, and a near total lack of life-giving trees and greenery, packed into tiny apartments, stacked on top of each other, living like lemmings, racing from point to point in nearly mindless perpetual movement, yet never removed from the noise, the pressure, and the aggravation of our fellowman, all the while pumping ourselves full of Big Pharma’s latest experiments. And we wonder why a few of us each day lose the battle with sanity and slip off the edge.

We like to consider ourselves so far above the animal kingdom, but the truth is we are no different than the lowly rat. Put too many of us in a box, don’t feed us enough, and we eat each other. In just the last six months nearly 300 people were murdered in Chicago (this isn’t counting the ones who were shot and didn’t die, or were knifed or bludgeoned). By the way, Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws in the entire country.

We have a federal deficit that is climbing like a monkey on crack. We are nearing a point where our nation has more people on welfare than those who are actually working for a living. It’s not just the stress this puts on the ones genuinely trying to be productive, but it creates a current of animosity – those who feel they have a right to free everything carry umbrage when entitlements are cut back, and those who work for a living carry distain and anger regarding those who simply take without contributing.

flagburningAmericans are frustrated beyond belief when they listen to our politicians debating on how they can best cut social security, benefits for retired military, VA benefits, and aid to senior citizens while no one even mentions the billions we spend on illegal aliens and yearly aid to foreign countries and organizations who hate us: Pakistan – $2 billion, Egypt – $397 million, Libya –  $1.45 billion, Hamas – $351 million, Nigeria – $456 million.

For all our previously legitimate efforts to bring equality to America we have an administration and a media that has succeeded in creating a new, privileged ethnic class, and through this and the constant rhetoric of damning the wealthy for the arrogance of success, it has managed to ignite class warfare. I find it so incredibly disappointing that ethnic and social tensions in America appear to be growing rather than diminishing, adding to this potpourri of indignation.

We are being consumed by the insidiousness of envy while being fed at the trough of comfortable lies. We are constantly told it’s someone else’s fault while our anger with ourselves and our circumstances festers. It’s a recipe for disaster. It’s a formula for the end of a proud nation.


The Truthmaker

Michael Reisig has been writing professionally for 15 years. He is an award-winning newspaper columnist and a best-selling novelist.
His latest novel “The Truthmaker” (released May 2012) is sure to please his readers, providing an intense combination of adventure and humor as our hero’s wing from the Caribbean, to the Keys, to Washington, DC.
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Michael Reisig

Michael Reisig

Michael Reisig has been writing professionally for 15 years. He is an award-winning newspaper columnist and a best-selling novelist. Be sure to check out his latest 2-part best-sellers, "Caribbean Gold - The Treasure of Tortuga and The Treasure of Time" -- "If you have enjoyed Michael Reisig’s best-selling “Road To Key West” novels, you will love his new “Caribbean Gold” series, which begins with “The Treasure of Tortuga."

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