The Case for Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus can be said to be an American-style entrepreneur.

No one gave him the assignment to find a new route to the Indies (China, India, Japan) to circumvent the disruptions and blockades of Moslem conquests which were devastating Europe, especially the trading seaports of Venice and his birthplace, Genoa, Italy. His courage enlarged the world and gained knowledge and progress.

As such he deserves to be honored and celebrated for the great hero he is.

But that legitimate action has fallen prey to the devouring leftist/Marxist notions of multi-culturism and eliminating normal human discernment or judgments on relative merits of accomplishments of individuals and whole cultures. The mantra is – everyone is the same, none are superior. Of course, this is nonsense.

When Michelangelo was painting the Sistine Chapel little girls were being hurled into pits as human sacrifice across the ocean. Europeans used the technology available to them to sail into unknown provinces to enlarge the knowledge of the world. For that they should not be tried and executed in the court of leftist/Marxists propaganda.

It was Columbus’s vision and determination that resulted in the discovery of the New World and the Columbia Exchange, which historians state fueled the fires of the European Renaissance by virtue of better foods and greatly expanded knowledge.

And he did it his way.  Through his own self-generated ingenuity, research, persistence, creativity and astonishing navigational talents.

columbusHe was prodigiously skilled as a seaman and presenter of his “Enterprise of the Indies” mission. To finance his vision, he went to the prevailing power and money – various influential monarchs of Portugal and Spain.

For many years, from 1486, when he initially petitioned King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, until he achieved his signed contract from them to set sail in 1492, he endured poverty, the death of his beloved wife, separation from his young son, Diego, and endless disappointments. He did not give up.

He was fortunate in influential friends who recognized the sincerity of his humble good-nature, genuine desires to fulfill his mission.

Finally, after much hardship, Spain’s improved fortunes made his project possible. After 800 years of Moorish conquest of Spain, the Moslem sultan of Granada surrendered, January 3, 1492. At last Ferdinand and Isabella were free to consider the proposal of Christopher Columbus. They arranged for three small ships; the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, which he gathered from Palos, Spain, and departed with all proper prayers August 3, 1492, to the Canary Islands.

He knew from his vast studies that the wind patterns were favorable, and he was proved right when he found land on October 12, 1492. Of course, it was not the Indies, as no one knew another land mass occupied the Ocean Sea. Further, his dependence on Claudius Ptolemy’s writings of the size of the Earth proved incorrect. It was not 2,500 miles to Japan, but nearly 11,000. Had his ships not bumped into the Caribbean Islands they most likely would have perished in the wet.

This was a magnificent feat of navigating using mostly “dead-reckoning.”

In contrast, the Apollo astronauts went much farther, but knew the target location and had the support of millions of Americans and excellent communications. Their first steps onto the lunar surface,1969, were observed on television by billions around the globe.

Columbus had no communications of any kind. No public support. No notion of exactly how far the distance of his destination. Even today his feat of finding land is monumental.

So why is he being marginalized?


Dishonored and disrespected?

The reasons are complicated and tied up with the leftist/progressive agenda of devaluing Western culture in general, and heroes such as Columbus, in particular.

He, without question, deserves to be honored and celebrated in every city and schoolroom in America. Instead he is often defamed, especially in some places such as California, headquarters of extreme leftists/Marxists/Mexican activists.

For example, several years ago in Southern California, persons who identified themselves as Mexicans held up posters on Columbus Day, which carried the image of Columbus with this: “first illegal immigrant” and “murderer” and worse. It’s a free country – made possible by Columbus’s discovery, and anyone can say vile, ignorant things. Except, of course, people who might express such opinions about protected victims groups – everyone knows who they are.

Around the same time, in northern California, an enactor dressed as Columbus in a parade was pelted with rotten fruit. Try doing that to – let’s say, some hero of the left.

The California legislature tried to kill Columbus Day in 2013 and replace it with Native American Day. Which was instituted by Ronald Reagan decades ago.

Today there’s no mention of celebrations…being ignored is a viable tactic.

Chicago still holds a festive celebration including a parade. But Italian American organizations, which sponsor the parade, have begun to lose interest, as they are being pushed to the back of the parade in order to showcase that city’s more favored voting group…any guesses who that is?

By the devious devices of social engineering, Americans have been subjected to invalid perceptions. The non-judgmental movement was designed to persuade intelligent human beings they must absolve themselves of the use of the faculty of discernment. No need to weigh and observe relative values of objects, conduct or persons. All are, in the view of the non-judgmental creators, equal…a perfectly preposterous and impossible exercise.

By this device those who bought into this slight of mind nonsense insist Columbus was terribly wrong in everything he did. Words like genocide. And worse are thrown around. As no one knew of the existence of germs, there was obviously no intention by the Spanish to infect the native populations with diseases prevalent in Europe.The same applies to the natives who unknowingly and unintentionally infected the newcomers with syphilis.

There are many books today which delight in knocking Columbus and the European explorers for a variety of actions. One such book for students states: “These authors caution students to be alert for terms that suggest that native Americans were inferior to the Europeans. Civilizing or Christianizing a people presumes that their own society and religion are inferior. Calling the European conquerors courageous or far-sighted justifies their actions….dulls our sense of injustice regarding events both past and present.”

The entire history of the world has been one of conquest by every people on Earth. That’s how the Moslems came to occupy Spain for 800 years. How the battle to control the Holy Lands continues to this day from more than a thousand years ago.

The belief that some practices, or people’s accomplishments are, indeed, superior to others, is being suffocated by the left/Marxists. Persons are no longer allowed to hold opinions which are “not allowed” by those in power. This sort of mind/thought censorship is a dangerous thing which is killing Americans’ liberty and freedom.

Defaming Christopher Columbus is a means to killing Western culture in America.

Citizens should not accept this blatant assault on American culture.

Columbus was a man of vision who made possible the United States in the New World through his determination and accomplishments. He deserves to be honored by all in America on October 12, Columbus Day.

Ask the children what their schools are doing to honor Columbus Day. If nothing – fix that and help save America.

Thomas Paine

Saving America as Founded

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Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine (not to be confused with the political activist and author from the Revolutionary War period.)
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