97% of Obamacare’s “Newly Insured” are Actually from Medicaid Expansion!

For years the Democrats have been banging the drum of socialized medicine, arguing that in a nation as wealthy as ours it was unconscionable that so many could be without healthcare. They told us that some 45 million Americans had no access to basic healthcare needs and that to fix the problem we must force socialist healthcare on the 270 million Americans whose healthcare needs were being met. Now, years later, Obamacare is still a trainwreck, but if you listen to what the Obama administration is saying you’d never know.

Liberals argue that over 9 million people are now insured thanks to Obamacare… but that isn’t exactly accurate, as a recent study by the Heritage Foundation has proved.

Health insurance enrollment data for 2014 shows that the number of Americans with health insurance increased by 9.25 million during the year. However, the vast majority of the increase was the result of 8.99 million individuals being added to the Medicaid rolls. While enrollment in private individual-market plans increased by almost 4.79 million, most of that gain was offset by a reduction of 4.53 million in the number of people with employment-based group coverage. Thus, the net increase in private health insurance in 2014 was just 260,000 people.

Over at HotAir, Kristina Ribali has dug deeply into the Heritage research and found even more disturbing truth about just how massive a failure Obamacare has been.

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In other words, over 97 percent of last year’s newly insured Americans were from Medicaid expansion.

I’ve written extensively about the numerous ways Medicaid fails the poor, and actually traps them in poverty – and Obamacare’s expansion of Medicaid makes the difficulties much, much worse…

Even looking at the roughly 3 percent of the newly insured who aren’t part of Medicaid reveals Obamacare’s inherent shortcomings.

There were almost 4.79 million new enrollees in private individual market plans in 2014. However, as Heritage’s researchers noted, 4.53 million people lost their employment-based group coverage during that same time. This leaves a paltry 260,000 people with new private health insurance.

Obamacare has wasted billions of dollars, increased premiums and deductibles on millions of families, and has likely frustrated countless doctors into early retirement… 

Obamacare has been a mutli-billion dollar failure on every level. The state exchanges are collapsing, insurance costs are skyrocketing, millions of Americans have lost access to their preferred insurers, doctors and hospitals, and most of the people who were uninsured before remain so. Obamacare, socialized medicine, was never the “right” answer to our healthcare problem, and the last 5 years serve as a stark reminder of that.

Instead of “fixing” our healthcare issues, all Obamacare has done is exacerbate them while wreaking havoc on an economy that was trying to recover from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. Had Obama and the Democrats not forced Obamcare down our throats five years ago, today our economic outlook would not be so bleak. Perhaps we’d even be talking about “the Obama” recovery. Instead we are still mired in miniscule growth, stagnant wages, rising inflation and uncertain markets.

This will be the true Obama legacy, finding mediocrity and stagnation at a time when success and growth should have been the hallmark of the decade.

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