The Left: Proud (Kind of – Not Really) Americans

What is likely the most enduring and important image in the turmoil that was post 9/11 America was nearly left out of the 9/11 museum in New York City. The problem with the photo? It was too “kitschy” and “rah-rah America,” for the museums curators and designers.  The museum’s curator, Michael Shulan said, “I really believe that the way America will look best, the way we can really do best, is to not be Americans so vigilantly and so vehemently.”

Right. We don’t want to be “Americans so vigilantly and so vehemently.” I mean, what would the other kids think?

This is one of the biggest problems the left faces with many Americans. It has suddenly become culturally iconoclastic to be a proud American. The idea itself conjures up images of men like John Wayne, relics of a long-departed time. However, most Americans would gladly say that there is no place on earth like the United States of America.

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9:11groundzeroThere is a reason that, year after year, more immigrants flock to our shores than any other country in the world. There is a reason that the 20th Century is blithely taught in schoolbooks as the “American Century.” There is a reason that fascists and communists the world over despise what the United States stands for and attempt to censor from their public what our nation has to offer.

It is because we are better.

No we are not “inherently” better. This is not a statement of uber-patriotism from some bygone era that could lead to some jingoistic rant. It’s not about race, ethnicity, or human superiority. No, it is simply a statement of fact. We have many problems facing our nation today, and many of them we’ve brought upon ourselves. However, we are still a model of freedom and prosperity that people in chains all over the planet look to with hope. The reason they look to us? Our national culture is better. We offer opportunity for those who will strive to take it.

The left hates the very thought of a discussion about superior values and ethics. Which is why the people running a museum dedicated to the events of 9/11 would consider keeping out this important and moving picture.


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