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“Feisty” Reporter Makes Muslim Terrorist Sympathizer Squirm

Australian News Anchor Emma Alberici had the spokesman for radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir, Wassim Doureihi, on her evening news show Lateline to discuss Islamic terrorism and Islam in Australia.

During their discussion she gave him several opportunities to condemn the methods used by ISIS, but Doureihi would do no such thing. After listening to him obfuscate and dissemble for a while, the “feisty” (Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s word – not mine) newswoman decided to be more aggressive and tried to pin down the spokesman’s true opinion telling him to “answer my question, please.”

That’s when the fireworks started.

“I’ll explain to you why the question itself is quite disconcerting, because what we’re talking about is a particular reality where millions have lost their lives. Countries have been destroyed, homes…” Doureihi began.

lateline“You are clearly obfuscating, and I did not invite you onto this program to do that,” Alberici interrupted. “Why will you not, point-blank, condemn the actions of IS fighters? Men that cut off the heads of innocent journalists and aid workers.”

“The question itself is offensive,” Doureihi said.

However, he then argued that he had already “answered the question quite directly” and repeated his previous claim that “millions have lost their lives directly as a consequence of the foreign policies of countries like Australia.”

“And you have made that point, and I allowed you to make that point,” the anchor responded. “Now I would just draw you back to my question.”

“And I’ll keep repeating the same point,” Doureihi added.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott had praise for the brave reporter:

On Melbourne radio on Thursday morning, the prime minister praised Alberici: “She’s a feisty interviewer,” he said. “Good on her for having a go and I think she spoke for our country last night.



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