Who’s Fringe on Abortion

Look – I don’t generally let what other people believe about something affect what I believe about that issue. There are times when I might stop and say, “A lot of people disagree with me, maybe I should reevaluate why I believe what I believe.” This doesn’t often lead to me changing my mind; it usually just helps me reinforce what I believe. However, there are times where I do think that the general beliefs and attitudes about an issue can be a productive way to discuss certain topics.

I have come to believe that abortion may be one of these topics.

If you were to keep your eye on the popular media opinions of the day on the touchy issue of abortion, you might think that we conservative Christians in the pro-life movement are “fringe.”

The truth, though, is just the opposite. From a world perspective, our conservative viewpoint is actually quite mainstream. In fact, many nations of the world have already banned abortion after 20 weeks — some go even further. In France, abortion after 12 weeks is outlawed.

While the media may pretend a pro-life fringe exists, Cathy Cleaver Ruse points out that in reality, a “pro-choice fringe” has developed in the United States.

“At the same time, a “pro-choice” fringe has developed. Like the folks who opposed the Texas law and took to the State Capitol to shout down the legislature until the clock ran out. The ones who tried to smuggle jars of urine and feces into the chamber for the next vote, or who can be seen in YouTube videos chanting “Hail Satan” at their opposition. The “pro-choice” fringe is not only fighting public opinion, but science and medicine as well.”

What has happened? The left has become invested in the teachings of feminism and eugenics. They have decided that women have the civil right to murder those who may burden them. The problem is, that, carried out to its logical conclusion, this gives most women the right to murder their children long past their date of birth.

obamaAbortionPresidentThe truth of the matter is the left has lost the logical, scientific, and moral arguments that allow abortion. Morally, the left has always been bankrupt on the issue. On one side, we have the argument of all life being sacred — on the other, the argument of convenience. Scientifically, we have learned that the unborn child is indeed a child. Medicine has advanced enough that a child born at 20 weeks has a real chance to survive, grow, and thrive into old age. Who knows what further advancements medicine could make and just how young a baby could be born and still thrive! Logically, it makes no sense to continue arguing for the existence of abortion without first conceding that it is okay to murder other people for your own convenience. Perhaps society will arrive at this conclusion at some point… we have seemed headed into a moral morass for some time now. But society isn’t there yet, so the pro-choice movement cannot argue from logic.

It’s time we begin countering the argument that the pro-life movement is the fringe element. Its’ the left who is fringe on abortion. We need to enlighten those on the fence about the truths of the pro-choice movement and the extremes they will go to in an effort to keep abortion legal.


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Onan Coca

Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Romulus Marketing and Bravera Holdings. He's also the managing editor at Eaglerising.com, Constitution.com, Godfather.com and the managing partner at iPatriot.com. You can read more of his writing at Eagle Rising.
Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their five wonderful children.

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