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Atheists Smarter? Not According to List of World’s Highest IQ’s!

How many times have you heard atheists argue that people with the highest intellects are atheists. Many of them are. At same time, there are many very intelligent Christians..

I know lots of them.

One of my professors, the late Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen (1948-1995), was one of the most respected Christian debaters. He held an earned Ph.D. from the University of Southern California in the field of epistemology.

I know one well-known atheist who refused to debate Dr. Bahnsen if the debate was recorded.

One would think that if an intellectual ass-whipping was inevitable, that an atheist would want it recorded to show the world that Dr. Bahnsen was intellectually incapable.

“In 1994 a controversy emerged after atheist philosopher Michael Martin cancelled a debate with Bahnsen, because Martin ‘refused to allow the debate to be taped and sold to support a Christian organization.'”

Now we learn that many people with the highest IQs are theists and Christians.

The following is from Steve Williams at


Have you ever heard the claim “all smart people are atheists”, or maybe its inverse: “people who believe in God are dumb”? It’s quite a pervasive urban legend, and one which I’ve known is false for a long time, but I didn’t realize just how false until the other day. I recently decided to do a quick cataloging of the ten highest IQ’s on earth, and discovered that it’s nearly the exact opposite of the truth!


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