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Islam Terrorism

ISIS Plans to Send Ebola Infected Muslims to America!

Theodore and Walid Shoebat are again bringing us news from ISIS. If not for the Shoebat family, many of the attacks and threats from ISIS and other Muslim agitators would go unreported, so we are thankful for their diligent efforts to warn us! This time ISIS has a message for the USA about Ebola.

ISIS is once again directly threatening the USA – but this time the threat comes from biological warfare. The crazed Muslim terrorists have sent a warning to the USA and her allies that they would send jihadists infected with Ebola to terrorize us. ISIS says that they can “synthesize and produce Ebola and Corona,” among others.

ISIS also says,

“followers and soldiers of the Islamic State are mostly suicide bombers and all of them are ready not only to carry Ebola, but to drink Ebola if they were asked to carry and spread it in the United States. This is not difficult but we need a decision from the leaders jihadist.”

ISIS EbolaISIS continues to explain its threat in the video by saying…

“The process of spreading disease is not difficult, it is easily transported in a bottle in your bag and take them from Africa to America and open in a air-conditioning duct or put it in the public drinking water by elevator doors…”

“The process of cultivating bacteria can be done by any student in the Faculty of Science or Department of Biology. They do not need complex laboratories and even a makeshift laboratory can be made in a small apartment in which we can farm millions of germs and viruses…”

While we should be concerned about the possible threats from ISIS about Ebola, it’s really not likely that the terrorists could deliver it so efficiently. If they were to expose themselves to the virus in the Middle East, then try to infiltrate our borders – they would likely die before ever nearing the United States. However, if they could infect bats (who are effective carriers of the virus) or find a way to enter the USA before infecting themselves… then there would be reason for worry.

The greater point is simply that ISIS is ever at work looking for new ways to drive fear into our hearts. They are literally seeking every opportunity they can to bring terror the USA, and we should be preparing ourselves to battle against that. The best defense we have against the evil Muslim terrorist is our will to continue to live our lives without fear.

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