The good hearted liberal…

The good hearted liberal…

…is destroying our country.  They are doing it by accident, but still.

*Warning*((* There are generalizations in this article.  Please take your meds.  Some of you may need to lay off the malt beverages before reading this article.))

It used to be that the basic disagreement between democrats and republicans was mainly more or less government.  The southern gentleman wanted more social programs to help the south and the northern businessman wanted less government regulation to help businesses.  It was an amicable agreement and we all still believed in America.

The current Democratic Party bears very little resemblance to my simplified description.  Oddly, the policies that democrats now want, do the exact opposite of helping America.  Worse, the policies hurt the poorest people the most.

Here are some examples.

Democrats are inexplicably for amnesty for all Illegal aliens.  This is disastrous.  The law-breaking illegals take jobs from our poorest citizens.

fishDemocrats are for unlimited government programs.  They even are for giving these programs to illegal aliens.  These programs give people more than a hand-up, they give people a hand-out.  People become dependent upon the programs and can’t get out.  They become comfortable, propped up in comfortable poverty and can’t break out of the welfare-poverty cyle.

To pay for all of these government programs and illegal aliens, democrats are for higher taxes.  Higher taxes hurt poor people.  They have to pay them and have less for food and living expenses.

Sadly, something that democrats push really hard for is an Increase to the minimum wage.  Nothing could hurt the poorest among us more.  When wages for the lowest paid workers are $15 an hour, businesses will turn to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to take those jobs or replace those jobs with touch screens.

It is hard to justify democratic policies.  It defies logic that democratic leaders can’t see the error of their policies.  It is almost as though they want to keep people in poverty.

Isn’t it?

*there are generalizations in this article.  Please take your meds.  Some of you may need to lay off the malt beverages before reading this article.

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