The Media Love Affair with the Democrats

I am what could only be described as jaded when it comes to my view of the “fairness” with which the media treats politics. I thoroughly believe that the majority of our modern news media is biased in favor of the Democrat Party. I also think that the evidence is so pervasive in daily reporting, that the presupposition of their bias does not need to be defended. I think many news people are liberal Democrats, and because of that it is hard for them to separate their political ideology from their reporting. For these and other reasons I think the media love affair with the Democrat Party is obvious.

I was a bit disappointed however, when I read this over at Jake Tapper’s corner of I’ve come to expect more from Tapper because he is simply as “unbiased” as it gets with the national news media. His latest post wondered if Republicans would be more hurt by their recent “scandal” than the Democrats would be by theirs.

The Republican scandal that CNN was talking about? Rep. Steve King’s (R-IA) recent speech on immigration where he made some remarks that some have found offensive. On the subject – I understand what King was saying, perhaps he doesn’t articulate these things in the best way, but I get it. I also understand why some have taken exception to what he’s said, though I think it’s likely politically motivated. However, this is not a scandal. This is one man speaking too harshly about a very touchy subject.

How could this possibly be more of a problem for the Republicans than the Democrats’ recent scandals?

Dirty sexual deviant Bob Filner, Mayor of San Diego, and lifelong Democrat.

Gross Sexter and philanderer Anthony Weiner, candidate for Mayor of New York City, former Representative from New York, and lifelong Democrat.

Whoremonger Eliot Spitzer, candidate for comptroller of New York City, former Governor of New York, and lifelong Democrat.

Now a reminder of the Obama administration scandals – that the President and his cronies keep pretending aren’t actually scandals.

Benghazi – At least one American thinks this is a HUGE scandal.

The IRS Scandal

The NSA Scandal

The State Department Scandal(s) – including the story of Aurelia Fedenisn.

The Justice Department Scandal(s) – AP scandal, Fox News and James Rosen scandal, Sharyl Attkisson scandal, and more?

The Secret Service Scandal

The Fast and Furious Scandal (another notch for the Justice Department)

The GSA Scandal

The Solyndra Scandal

obamaliesOnce upon a time the President thought these scandals were “serious,” I guess he’s “pivoted” away from that.

Mr. President, there is nothing “phony” about the scandals of your administration.

In fact, it’s quite possible that this administration has been the most scandal ridden since the Grant administration. Either the President is the most incompetent leader in the history of our great nation, or he has willfully and purposefully engaged in the utter corruption of our government. History will not remember the Obama administration kindly because of the gross negligence he has displayed while in office.


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