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Two Heterosexual Men Get Married – Gay Activists Freak Out!

The following article is a brilliant display of what happens when you carry things out to their logical conclusions. It’s also a really funny example of the “Gay Agenda Mafia” getting their underwear in a wad for the most ironic reasons. See, in the eyes of the gay marriage activists, two straight guys getting married to win a contest makes a mockery of marriage. Which is the same thing we traditional marriage advocates argued about gay marriage.

I happen to agree that two straight guys getting married to win a contest makes a mockery of marriage, but I also think that gay marriage in general makes a mockery of marriage as well. The Bible is very clear about what marriage is and how God planned for it to be – anyway, read on and be entertained by how angry gay marriage advocates get when two straight guys get hitched.

Yep. Two self-identified “heterosexual” guys from Otago on New Zealand’s South Island got married so they could go on an all-expenses-paid trip to next year’s Rugby World Cup in London.

I was going to call this post “Two Rugby-Loving Dudes Make A Mockery of the Mockery That Is Gay Marriage”, but I decided to wait until after you’d clicked to annoy you.

Look at these guys’ sweet beards, by the way.


Otago is the same place I wrote about last year, where professional rugby players grew out epic beards regardless of whether their women wanted them to or not.

A little kiwi context for you. Rugby is the national sport of New Zealand. It is the nation’s all-consuming passion. There are only two countries in the world where rugby is the most popular sport (Wales being the other), and for the kiwis it’s not even close. Those people love their rugby, and they especially love their national team, the All-Blacks.

[See also, “Bigots in Massachusetts Refuse to Give These Women Marriage Equality.”]

So a radio station holds a contest, offering a trip for two to the Rugby World Cup, where the All-Blacks will be favorites to win it all. And dudes participate in the contest, because they love rugby and they love each other!

From the Otago Daily Times:

Travis McIntosh and Matt McCormick wrote their wedding vows yesterday, brimming with ”nervous excitement” about their big day. The Dunedin men will marry tomorrow, but their move has horrified gay groups.

The pair are heterosexual best mates…


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