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Woman Shoots Stalker after Police Prove Unable to Protect Her

Once again, we have evidence that gun ownership in America saves innocent lives.

In what must have been a horrifying situation, a woman who was being stalked by a former acquaintance was forced to use a gun to defend herself after the man broke down the door to her home in the middle of the night.

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The justice system had already failed the poor woman after she sought and attained a restraining order to keep the man away from her. gun_womanThe restraining order did not work, and the woman was forced to move. When her stalker found her, she chose to get a license to carry a concealed weapon. The woman was so distraught and living in such fear that she would actually place a chair against her front door every night before going to sleep in an extra effort to keep the man out of her home.

Early this past Friday morning, she was forced to provide an example of why legally obtained firearms do indeed drive down the crime rate.

At around 1 am her stalker attempted to gain entrance to her home. The woman quickly called the police and told them that the man was trying to kick her door down. Sadly, the police did not arrive in time. The man broke down the door and moved into her home. It was at this point that the woman opened fire and shot at her attacker twice, hitting him with one of the shots in the chest.

It was at that point that the stalker fled the scene – police eventually found him hiding in some bushes using the help of a K-9 unit.

What if she hadn’t had her gun? What might’ve happened?

The truth is that the police cannot arrive at crimes before they happen. Guns give people who could end up as victims the opportunity to level the playing field. If you’re okay with taking your chances when confronted by a criminal – that’s up to you. I, personally, would rather have the wherewithal to defend myself… just like the young lady in the harrowing story above.

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