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Public Educators Blame Homeschooling for Sandy Hook!

“[A] state commission of 16 educators, local and state officials and behavioral experts assembled by Gov. Dannel Malloy after the tragedy has [sic] a game plan to prevent future occurrences. Monitor homeschoolers.”

Let me see if I understand this.

The vast majority of school shootings and acts of violence have taken place in public schools. There are metal detectors and armed guards in schools, and public school teachers are having sex with students, and we’re to believe that children schooled at home are the real threat.

In reality, it’s the violence in government schools that has lead parents who homeschool their children to leave their local government schools.

“Parents gave a number of different reasons for homeschooling their children. In the 2011–12 school year, 91 percent of homeschooled students had parents who said that a concern about the environment of other schools was an important reason for homeschooling their child, which was a higher percentage than other reasons listed.”

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