91-Year-Old Man Defends Himself From Robber in a Very UNEXPECTED Way [VIDEO]

In what appeared to be an attempted robbery near Detroit, Michigan, a 91-year-old man defended himself by pulling out his own handgun and shooting the suspect once in the neck, sending the would-be robber fleeing. The suspect was apprehended by police and are calling the incident a clear-cut case of self-defense.

It happened around 10:15 in the morning in city of Eastpointe – just north of Detroit – that a 91-year-old man had exited his car in a local Rite Aid parking lot. A younger man in his late-twenties or early-thirties approached the elderly man pointing an unknown object at the man and displaying “erratic behavior.”

Feeling threatened, the older man warned the suspect that he was armed, and that he would use his handgun if he continued any closer. When the suspect didn’t appear to heed any of the older man’s warnings, the 91-year-old drew his firearm and pointed it at the suspect.

According to police, the victim had warned the robber three or four times. When the younger man continued to pursue his victim with an object pointed at him, the elderly man shot him once, hitting him in the neck.

The suspect suffered a non-fatal gunshot wound that sent him fleeing. Police were able to nab him and talk with him despite his injury and still-erratic behavior. He was taken to the hospital.

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Following the incident, the older man – who is a concealed pistol license (CPL) holder – went to the Eastpointe police station and provided his statement. He is cooperating with police, but at this time, they see no reason to think the incident was anything other than self-defense. As Sgt. Martin Campbell with the Eastpointe Police Department said, “Nothing’s ever clear-cut, but that’s what we’re calling it right now: an attempted robbery shooting.”

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