Wall Street Journal’s “Unwisdom of Barack Obama”


Is that even a word?

Well, headlines are not usually written by the author. But it was apt.

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Peggy Noonan’s column, “Unwisdom of Barack Obama” in the Wall Street Journal, 9-20-2014, on the enigma pundits persist in assigning as the reason for Barack Hussein Obama’s inexplicable actions miss the point.

The myth of Obama’s stellar intelligence is wasted on ordinary Americans.

He comes up short for many run-of-the mill citizens…he’s such an empty suit to millions his words have been tuned out in the same way a parent’s pronouncements bounce off a distracted and bored school kid.

While the media ponders in order to fathom his lack of action, inept or inappropriate locutions in speeches – talking about climate change when terrorists are hacking off Americans’ heads – the guy down the block has him figured out.

“It’s simple,” says Joe the bricklayer.

“Our gang of guys stopped listening to him a long time ago.”

“We voted for him and kept waiting for him to at least throw us a bone.”

“Instead he ignored our lack of good jobs to keep our kids in shoes and went around bad-mouthing our country. That’s like dissing your grandmother.”

Barack ObamaNoonan goes through the list of Obama’s actions that disadvantage America and its hard-working citizens trying to keep up, never mind getting ahead.

She points out how damaging his backing down on the “red line” comment, casting the US as neither bold nor smart. She goes on to suggest his “I don’t have a strategy” statement was a misstep he should have avoided if he were smart enough.

Of course, she couldn’t leave out the scam ObamaCare was designed to be and is…enslaving the medical industry through control by the government while forcing citizens to pony up millions more in taxes. He apparently hired nitwits to design and run the website which junior high schoolers could probably have done better. So who got paid off with that contract is what Americans think in dismissing the mess. To people out in the working world, corruption, especially Chicago-style corruption, is no mystery.

Noonan thinks he shouldn’t have said, “If you like your doctor you can keep him.” As though he actually meant what was obviously an untruth.

He was selling Americans snake oil, and it didn’t matter what he was saying because little of it was true or for the benefit of most Americans. People get that now.

His dragging in, what some might consider faux Ferguson, Mo “dirty laundry,” made those paying attention to what he was saying at the U.N. cringe.

obamagolfMost couldn’t make his connection to how his remark, “…we have our problems, too…” was relevant to the front page Islamist terrorist threats to the U.S. and the West. What was his point? Who is he talking to?

In any case, it seems he cannot resist taking a poke at America, even when the rhetoric is a misfit. Such actions are not seen as admirable honesty, but rather as disloyalty when on the world stage.

“Never take sides against the family” is a movie line he obviously missed.

Noonan more or less gives him a pass as to simply misjudging in his policies and statements. When in fact, he has been seen to have engaged in the most egregious fabrications. All apparently for political gain.

Four Americans needlessly lost their lives in the terrorist attack on Benghazi because …why?

Americans are still waiting for official explanations, which will never come. Why did it happen? Why were they unprotected? Why weren’t the terrorists stopped? Why was it not called a terrorist attack? As the Fort Hood terrorist attack was denied.

Seems like there is a good amount of refusal to illuminate exactly who and what the enemy is. Why is that?

To secure reelection? Sure looked like it to the average Joe.

After all this time the cover-up hasn’t been cracked.

Where was he that night? Why didn’t he send a military rescue? Why were orders given to “stand down” as eyewitnesses have stated in their book?

Then the next morning he gets on a plane to go collect money in Las Vegas…this is not misjudgment. It is something else.

Then the monumental “it was all a video” riot was created and pushed for weeks while the Benghazi compound was left in shambles. The survivors were whisked away and never heard from in public.

The long list of actions that have put the United States of America, as well as the world, in a precarious position, sent signals, as vivid as the famous Batman light beam, that there was no need to fear – or even respect – America. He and his cohort of climate coolies, who mindlessly chant the litany of the Marxists of untruths, distract from the real dangers staring the US and the West with daggers.

When he talks…he is not understood…and some have come to believe that maybe that is because he is not talking to Americans. He is talking to someone else who welcomes his inane and damaging missteps, which have hurt America and its people.

Of course, Peggy Noonan ends her column, softly, “But none of this looks clever. It looks like poor judgment beginning to end.”

No one, not even a community organizer who managed to get himself put into the most powerful position on earth, is that deficient in judgment. In fact, it looks like he is doing what he was hired to do.

Thomas Paine

Saving America as Founded

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Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine (not to be confused with the political activist and author from the Revolutionary War period.)
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