President Obama’s Economy

Recently a reader commented that the President and the policies of the Left had nothing to do with the economic quagmire we find ourselves in today. After I stopped laughing, I was able to reply that while the Republicans hands were certainly not clean – this economic fiasco was precisely the fault of leftist policies. What makes it difficult for Republicans like myself to argue, is that some of the leftist policies that are causing our current problems were established by Republicans during the Bush administration. (Hello Auto and Bank bailouts…) So let’s look at President Obama’s Economy.

Bush’s bad economic policies only make it harder to argue that Obama and the Democrats own this economy, it doesn’t make it impossible. You see, most of those bad policies Bush signed into law were wholeheartedly supported by the Democrat Party. And things have only gotten worse in the years since the end of the Bush administration.

Let’s use this administration’s favorite numbers to show how the President owns this terrible economy. President Obama and his minions often like to claim that this administration has “created” about 7.2 million jobs. Now, I totally disagree with this number, but let’s just pretend it’s accurate. Studies show that these jobs are overwhelmingly part time positions or low wage positions. Which would explain how even with 7 million (not really) new jobs, the economy is still stagnant.

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That’s bad… this next part is worse.

Sticking with the phantom 7 million jobs “created,” lets look at another government metric for poverty in America. If the government is right about the Obama administration “creating” 7 million new jobs then this growth is pretty pathetic. You see, in the time it’s taken to create these jobs, 14 million people have gone on food stamps. Yep, in President Obama’s progressive and “growing” economy there are 2 new food stamp recipients for every new job. Way to go. (Add Dripping Sarcasm here.)

(Here are a bunch of charts that show just how bad things are… look for yourself.)

Lastly, lets just look at one real world example of how liberal policies fail us economically.

We have grown accustomed to the yearly spike in summer gas prices – this is an outgrowth of many Americans vacation schedules and how we choose to travel when the weather is warm. However, the rise in prices isn’t just because of a spike in demand correlating with a spike in price. No, that would be easy to get over.

Two other concerns are impacting the spike in price and these both directly correlate to liberal policies.

The first is liberal oil production policies that are causing shortages in our national oil supply. Because liberals have enacted policies that are making it near impossible to drill for oil on American soil, (not to mention mining for coal or acquiring natural gas) our supply of reserves is shrinking, leading to greater dependence on foreign oil sources. The administration has directly led a “war on coal” and is fighting against “fracking” by proxy.

The combination of all of our liberal energy policies has led us to higher energy prices that most directly impact us at the gas pump.

HMIW 4_23The second destructive liberal policy that drives up our fuel costs has to do with the old progressive love of high taxation. Our government treats the gas tax as a national “sin tax.” In most states about 10-20% of the price you pay at the pump ends up right back in state government bank accounts. That doesn’t include the almost 10% that goes straight into federal coffers. I hope you don’t expect relief any time soon because it looks likely that state gas taxes across the country are set to climb yet again.

These are just a couple of examples destructive liberal economic policies in President Obama’s economy – I could find more – but I don’t have the time or the energy to produce an exhaustive report. Needless to say, if we allow our government to continue enacting liberal economic policy, we can expect more of the same sluggish economic response. The answer is to elect economically conservative politicians…not liberals, not populists, not moderates…conservatives.


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