8th Grader Suspended for Telling Classmates they Could Opt Out of Standardized Testing

Adelina Silva is a student at Capshaw Middle School in Sante Fe, New Mexico and she just ran afoul of her school system for doing something that most of us would find no fault with.

Silva was suspended from school after administrators found out that she was handing out testing opt-out forms to her classmates! “My goal here was to just let the parents know that they have the option,” Silva said. Interestingly enough, the forms are readily available on the school districts website, and the district does indeed have an opt out policy. The test has become a bit of a hot topic politically as parents and students across the country have been protesting the tests, with some even organizing mass walk outs.

Eventually, the school staff caught on to Silva’s tactic of informing her classmates of their ability (and right) to opt out of the standardized tests, and that’s when things got… a little fascist. Silva says the school staff “started pulling the fliers out from the kids’ hands,” They also marched her down to the Principal’s office where she was cut off from telling anymore of her classmates about opting out. She was later suspended from school for one day. “I was very upset when I heard this. Parents need to know that this form is online and they are able to opt their children out of it,” her mother Jacqueline Ellvinger said.

Interestingly, the school district claims that no students have been punished for supporting or promoting the right to opt out of testing.

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 “Santa Fe Public Schools supports a parent’s right to opt his or her child out of state-mandated standardized testing … no students in the district have been disciplined for supporting or promoting this district policy of a parent’s right to opt their child out of testing.”


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