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Rush Limbaugh Gives Waitress BIG Tip – She Donates it to Abortion Charity

Over the years I’ve told my conservative friends that when liberalism becomes fully consistent with its operating assumptions, it will self-destruct.

Unfortunately, until that happens there will be a lot of collateral damage.

Recently we have seen liberals say and do the most absolutely stupidest things that reveal how bankrupt the Left really is. They are wild-eyed hypocrites whose policies enslave millions of people while they go about life claiming that their legislative acts are the best thing for our world while they live high above the hoi polloi.
Here’s the latest bit a liberal self-righteousness and self-destruction.

Rush Limbaugh gave a waitress a tip of $2000. Nice gesture, right? Don’t bet on it.

“A waitress turned author claims she received two generous tips of $1,000 on two separate occasions from conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh — but she couldn’t find it in herself to keep the ‘blood money.’
“Instead, she allegedly donated a ‘sizable chunk’ of Limbaugh’s $2,000 tip to an abortion charity.”

I’d like to see the receipt. And if it is truly ‘blood money,’ then why did she keep any of it?


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