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McCain is Obama’s Not-So-Unlikely “Republican” Ally

Remember in 2008 when the GOP got us all to agree to vote for John McCain even though pretty much none of us liked him all that much? He was the lesser of two evils, and we had to do our part to ensure that the diabolical Demon-crat party didn’t get power in the White House.

Well, look who has turned out to be Obama’s favorite go-to Republican to get things done for him in the Senate? Our very own John McCain. That man who campaigned passionately in opposition to everything Obama stood for in 2008 is now Obama’s favorite Republican. As quoted in a politico piece:

“We have been looking literally for years for someone we can cut deals with, and finally someone has stepped up,” a White House official said. West Wing aides say they now talk with McCain roughly every other day.

Some may say that John McCain “sold out.” He didn’t. This is the guy he has always been. He has always been playing the political game. He was doing it in 2008 when he pretended to have a major problem with Obama’s policies. And he is doing it now when he tries to be the voice of reason concerning congressional filibusters. The guy is and has always been a stooge.

Every four years, we fall for the next shill the GOP throws our way. And every four years, we are disappointed. Isn’t it time we realized that this is a rigged game? We don’t have representatives really. Since our elected officials apparently aren’t concerned with representing us.

What we have is a political stage play where each player wears his assigned mask and plays his assigned part. We pretend we have a choice and that our votes really count, but in actual fact, we have been had. Romeo and Tybalt fight with passion on stage, but after the play is over and the audience leaves, it doesn’t matter that one of them plays a Montague and the other a Capulet. They’ll still have a beer together after the show.

It’s time we realized that Republicans and Democrats are fake adversaries. And this new alliance between John McCain and Barack Obama is just another evidence we’ll ignore in our vain attempts to hold onto a fantasy of what America once may have been.

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Michael Minkoff

Michael Minkoff writes, edits, and typesets from his office in Powder Springs, Georgia. He honestly does not prefer writing about politics, but he sincerely hopes you enjoy reading about it. He also wonders why he is typing this in the third person.

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