Elon Musk Proving Private is Better than Public

The brilliant and innovative Elon Musk is once again attempting to revolutionize the world of transportation. He is teaming up with developers of what can only be described as “vacuum tube travel.” The idea brings to mind the old vacuum tubes you might seen in a bank drive thru that allows customers to send certain papers through the tube to a teller waiting at the other end. While transforming this idea into a method of transportation is much more complicated than its basic description, the picture of the bank system is applicable.

Elon Musk is the mind behind such endeavors as Tesla Motors which is revolutionizing the electric car industry, and Space-X which has become the world’s fastest growing provider of launch (as in to space) technology. Only recently did Musk begin detailing his involvement with the team developing what’s being called “the Hyperloop.”

What is the Hyperloop? “A massive vacuum tube… would be combined with a magnetic levitation system used on conventional bullet trains. That means no friction, no wind resistance, no chance of collisions, and insanely high speeds… In an interview with PandoDaily, Musk said the Hyperloop could form a fifth tent pole of modern transportation, joining cars, planes, trains, and boats, adding that because of its low energy usage and ability to get juice from solar power, it could generate more power than it would consume.”

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Musk became interested in the Hyperloop project “after researching California’s new high-speed rail project and realizing that it will be the slowest and — at $70 billion — the most expensive system on the planet. To his mind, there’s a better solution. The Hyperloop is it. And one firm unaffiliated with Musk is in the early stages of development.”

Therein lies another great example of why the government should never lead, and why the private sector always should. When the California high-speed rail project began, it was widely considered to be far too expensive for productivity. It is the perfect example of government excess and the failures of liberal government in action.hyperloop

The Hyperloop is the antithesis of the California high-speed rail in every way. It dramatically cuts costs, makes travel more efficient, and can be a profitable and useful enterprise.

The idea for a hyperloop type device has been circulating for years, but it takes innovators like Elon Musk to build a product that works. Why would Musk and his partners look to get this done? PROFIT. A motive the government just can’t provide. Let’s all beg the government to stay out of the Hyperloop team’s way and let the private sector do its job…innovating, inventing, creating, advancing and leading the way for a productive America.


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