The Obama Administration Providing Cover for Criminals

News reports state US Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Dept. is about to initiate a three-year investigation into policing and race in five major US cities.  Academic researches will be involved, which means the “social justice – white privilege” Marxist paradigm will be the template for discrediting police actions and excusing criminal actions.

This program on its face appears to be a thinly veiled attempt to further intimidate law enforcement in dealing with lawlessness of certain segments of the population. Segments which are major voting blocks for Democrats.

Some police chiefs already let criminals/illegals go on vehicle impound requirements when stopped for a violation. Los Angeles and Anaheim, CA give criminals/illegals a pass on this and other things, to which citizens are accountable. The Orange County, CA sheriff will not cooperate with ICE in turning over criminals/illegals released from jail. “Not our job.”

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California Governor Jerry Brown stated publicly “…everyone’s welcome, legal or not…” after the Mexican president, at an LA reception given by the government, insulted Americans by declaring “…this is the other Mexico…”

EricHolderAndObama1The Democrats want to make sure its voting block can be assured of favored treatment always…even in the event of unlawful conduct.

The Eric Holder news articles mentioned the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, MO…describing Brown as an “unarmed teen”…however, the fact he had a drug in his system, was nearly 300 lbs., 6’3′, had just robbed and assaulted a convenience store worker, and was alleged to have strong-armed the police officer, causing injuries, was not stated. Like Trayvon Martin he was portrayed in the media as just an innocent out for a stroll. Meanwhile, black on black killing in Chicago and other cities goes on without notice, as there’s no big political PR in it for the administration.

In fact, this is the crux of the matter…politicians made a publicity blitz for their agenda in the Michael Brown incident….portrayed as police wrong-doing, when the facts were not clear, but all the rioters were sure Brown’s own actions were entirely innocent. Smashing the police officer in the face, minutes after leaving the scene of his robbery, shown on video, was discounted.

People not in jail have regard and respect for the law and follow the rules.

Most who are apprehended for violations and end up in jail disregarded the law and lawful police orders. It is their actions, not the color of their skin, which leads them to jail.

Now the Holder investigation will, no doubt, attempt to refute this.

They may demand police change tactics to avoid arresting too many blacks and criminals/illegals who violate laws. There will be excuses and charges of racism.

So now Americans will be subjected to this three-year rearrangement of truth and facts to blame society in general, and law enforcement in particular, for too many blacks and criminals/illegals, mostly Mexicans, in prison…their actions which led to prison will be excused and demands made that law enforcement stop “targeting” them.

There will be a lot of talk about “social justice”…the usual class warfare smoke screens to advance the Marxist agenda now masquerading under this new name. No doubt “white privilege” will also be thrown around by the investigators.


Meanwhile, the Benghazi criminals remain free.

Thomas Paine

Saving America as Founded

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Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine (not to be confused with the political activist and author from the Revolutionary War period.)
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