Americans Free Speech is Under Attack

Americans are losing their free speech rights

Think you can wear your patriotic shirt to school or the office?

Think again.

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You’ll be OK unless some Mexicans complain they are “offended” and demand your American flag shirt be removed.

And you will be forced to remove it so the Mexicans won’t carry out their threats.

No one will demand the Mexicans behave lawfully.

Police will not be called to stop the threats of violence.

Instead Americans will be forced to conform to Mexican’s demands in the United Stated of America.


That’s exactly what happened at a California high school May 10, 2010, which happens to be an obscure Mexican holiday, Cinco de Mayo, marking some 19th century military action.

americanflagtshirtFive high school students wore American flag T-shirts. The Mexican students were angry…and reacted with threats of violence as they felt “offended.”

The assistant principal, Miguel Rodriguez, demanded the American students remove their flag T-shirts or leave school. He obviously supported the Mexicans, no matter how menacingly they behaved.

He did not require the Mexican students to behave lawfully.

He did not call the police to subdue them.

In fact, apparently, there was no thought to punish the Mexicans, but the Americans had to do as Miguel Rodriguez ordered, to satisfy the threatening Mexicans.

With this bullying incident American’s Constitutional Rights to Free Speech took another beating at the hands of the Left,  as stated by the California 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The court ruled it was proper for American flags to be banned while Mexican flags were displayed. Because “safety” was the issue, that trumped students’ right to free speech. Requiring lawful behavior from the Mexicans was not an option.

The civil lawsuit filed by outraged parents of the American students failed.

This apparently is now the norm in matters involving Mexicans…they feel entitled…to do as they please…disobey normal rules of conduct or the law. Law enforcement are ordered to let them slide on various laws.

In any case, Mr. Rodriguez, saw his duty to support the Mexicans, not the Americans, in an American school supported by American taxpayers.

Everyone knows this is wrong.

An insult.

A breach of Constitutional free speech…but in this case the left suppressed free speech and the America flag was dismissed while the Mexican flag prevailed.

See below for an online article:

(CNN) — March 3, 2014 –

A California school that stopped students from wearing American

flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayodidn’t violate their constitutional rights, an appeals court ruled Thursday.

The school’s approach, according to the appeals court, kept students safe in a climate of racial tension.

“The controversy and tension remained,” a panel of judges from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said in their opinion, “but the school’s actions presciently avoided an altercation.”

School officials were worried about violence and disruption of school activities “and their response was tailored to the circumstance,” the opinion said.

The case dates back to May 5, 2010, when the principal of Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, California, asked a group of students wearing American flag T-shirts to turn their shirts inside out or take them off.

americanflagshirtThe students at the Northern California school refused, according to the appeals court’s summary of the case, and later brought a civil rights suit against the school and two administrators, arguing that their rights to freedom of expression, equal protection and due process had been violated.

Judges said the civil rights case forced them to weigh the difficult question of what takes precedence: students’ free speech rights or school safety concerns?

According to court documents, the incident occurred amid “ongoing racial tension and gang violence within the school, and after a near-violent altercation had erupted during the prior Cinco de Mayo over the display of an American flag.”

The previous year, court documents said, a group of students carrying a Mexican flag had clashed with students who hung an American flag from a tree and chanted “USA” on Cinco de Mayo, a holiday marking a famous Mexican military battle that is often celebrated in the United States.”

So – rather than calling the police, in 2010, to rein in those threatening violence – the Hispanics against American students wearing American flag T-shirts – the American students were forced to abandon their free speech rights of wearing their country’s flag in order to appease those who most likely are in the US illegally but nonetheless by threats suppressed American expression of patriotism.

In 2010, the appeals court said, “threats issued in the aftermath of the incident were so real that the parents of the students involved in the suit kept them home from school two days later.”

CNN first learned of the court’s ruling on Twitter.

Thomas Paine

Saving America as Founded


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