Obama’s Terrible Legacy is Set

Obama’s Legacy is Set

FINALLY – the Orange County Register, California lays out the details of the wreckage on the United States of America by Marxist/Leftist/Obama campaign….but it is too little too late.

“Look Out For Obama’s Legacy,” in which editorial writer, Joel Kotkin, suggests a November win for GOP will do little to stop the assault on US culture by Marxists/Leftists/Democrats…to say nothing of the criminals/illegals.

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As has been said by those who know but were ignored, Obama has done what he was “hired” to do…he’s not confused, overwhelmed, disengaged, etc…Americans simply cannot face he is undermining the country…by design.

The Joel Kotkin editorial details how the triad of unelected government agencies, (EPA, etc.)  media, academia are doing the job of defaming the United States of American through various tactics.

These three entities are riding the same “pull down America” train as they have all been infected by the “hate America” crowd that has disrespect and in some cases contempt for the US.

From the vantage point of this century, it looks like the filthy brats of the 1960s have gotten their way…laying waste to the decency of civility and ideals of America.

Obama ChoomPeople like Obama’s Chicago pal, terrorist Bill Ayers, his wife, (famously told followers “kill your parents”) and other destroyers, have been rewarded with lucrative taxpayer-supported teaching jobs at top US universities…how did that happen?

Too many aggressive Marxists/Leftists and too few Republicans/conservatives with B and B to quash their actions detrimental to the culture and economy of the US.

When the chair of Orange County GOP writes in a Register editorial, denigrating American Citizens, who demand deportation of criminals/illegals, with the disrespectful – and shortsighted –  locution…”..hang their hats on the rule of law…” something is not working.

The criminals/illegals are part of Mexico’s organized racketeering exporting illegal drugs, guns and people into the US for the purpose of subversion and profit. They cost taxpayers 100s of billions and send back $40-50 billion yearly to Mexico, while degrading every aspect of US economy and culture.

That is $40-50 billion earned in the US, without paying taxes, taking jobs from Americans, especially from black Americans, who have not yet awakened to the damage done to their community by the Democrat’s favoring of criminals/illegals.

Mexico’s racketeering has been allowed for decades…its purpose is subversion and profit. Why hasn’t corrupt Mexico been punished for its racketeering? Who is responsible for allowing it to go on for decades at a cost of 100s of billions to taxpayers?

Mexico has played the US and its citizens for fools…the Mexican president, recently visiting in CA, insulted citizens with this comment “…this is the other Mexico…” Governor Jerry Brown, smiled, applauded and said, “…Yes, everyone is welcome…legal or not…”   WHAT?

The lapdog media overlooked the gross infamy and underlying pathology of Mexico’s racketeering degrading every aspect of the USA…if any GOP person objected it didn’t get much coverage. No one seemed to have B & B to refute the implication that America is now an official satellite of corrupt Mexico.

obamajesterIt appears some in the GOP think they can secure votes from the criminals/illegals’ cohort…they will not….as these burglars are already getting everything for FREE FROM TAXPAYERS BY THE POLICIES OF DEMOCRATS…though they had some help from Republicans who didn’t close the border either.

In fact, the criminals/illegals’  habits of mind and culture are incompatible with true democracy, conservatism and self-reliance. They come ready to steal everything they can with no respect or understanding that American citizens are paying for it all. They feel entitled. “I’m here – give me everything you’ve created.”

At the behest of corrupt Mexico, they are economically and culturally raping the US and its citizens.

Mexico could not have been so successful in its criminal racketeering without help from politicians on both sides of the border. Money is being made through this racket that defames and degrades the US and Americans are handed the bill.

Unable to stem the tide of lawlessness, corruption and damage draining the liberties of citizens ordinary taxpayers are outraged.. The criminals/illegals are now given more rights than Americans.

California taxpayers are forced to pay for lawyers for the recent border invaders. They should be instantly deported, instead citizens must help them steal by allowing them the means to secure residency in the USA.

Americans stand by the Rule of Law…it is what sets the country apart from savages seen in the Middle East and growing cohort of gangs in the US.

Conservatives must protest the media’s colluding with destroyers of America and demand objective honest reporting on the damage done to US citizens by the rampaging expansion of Mexico’s racketeering sending more criminals/illegals, many gang members, to the US.

The thousands of new invaders were helped by Mexico to reach the US…why weren’t they deported from Mexico…or kept in Mexico where their culture and language are compatible? Because Mexico is allowed to economically and culturally rape the US and no politician will stop it.

Citizens are going to have to do it.

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