Why We Need to Kill the Common Core

Common Core is stealth brainwashing in concepts of Marxism using the catch phrase, “social justice.”

It began several years ago when Americans were distracted, not paying attention, awash in economic disasters, political scandals and social upheavals often instigated by the invasion of millions of criminals/illegals due to Mexico’s decades of racketeering.

“Social justice” is just another name for Marxist policies of class warfare to put power into the hands of the power elite. It’s simple – Take money from hard-working Americans to give to criminals/illegals and other favored “victims” who will trade their votes to Democrats for endless benefits paid for by taxpayers.

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Those whose hard-work and taxes funded virtually every aspect of civic, educational and economic success in the USA, are now denigrated – “white privilege” as though they were not the legitimate creators of their own lives and work.

Attacking Americans goes hand in hand with promoting the ill-conceived concepts of education in Common Core, which has not been exposed and condemned in simple terms Americans can grasp as to the danger to the entire future of the USA.

In erasing America’s proud heritage, it creates a new liberty-lacking paradigm of group-think against America in general and self-reliance in particular, which students are cleverly force-fed creating shame for America instead of the rightful pride all should have in this great country.

Never mind the tinkering with math methods; that argument is a smoke screen to distract.

It is the underlying foundation of educational mandates, written by not well-known persons, of private corporations, snuck into the educational arena several years ago, funded by Bill Gates, and helped by unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, using federal “bribes” to gain states’ cooperation.


The purpose of Common Core is simple – to corral citizens into core thinking favoring Marxist policies…Congress – those who haven’t already been corralled – needs to stop this now.

Education should be in the hands of locals…not the federal government which Common Core does…though it says that it is “state-led”…it is not. States had nothing to do with creating the curriculum…that is dictated by the questions on tests…often anti-American…and dumbed down on everything.

Who benefits? Those making money from the computer testing, Microsoft; Marxist/Left politicians; more college seats for foreign students, as American students may not be able to get there with the poor quality math, etc.

Most of all – the Marxist/Left/Democrats gain a compliant dumbed down American population, which will follow like sheep wherever they are led.

No one voted to allow the federal government to control education for all Americans in the 50 states. It is a power grab pure & simple.

This is Anti-American to its core.

Americans must stop Common Core now.

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