Liberal Government Breeds Gang Violence

Gang violence can easily consume a community.

Young men without jobs, or supervision by fathers, disinterested in education, pose a constant threat.

A recent Orange County, CA,  club meeting featured an OC assistant district attorney speaker on how the department was attacking gang violence in the area.

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The district attorneys engaged in the gang community through personal contact…monitoring school attendance and other such actions to try to quell gang violence. It is a dangerous enterprise.

Hearing of such deployment of highly trained law enforcement was ultimately troubling. Obviously, the work of gang abatement is necessary to keep gang crime from terrorizing the entire community. Though one had to consider why gangsters from another country are the job of USA taxpayers.

The speaker did not name the place of origin of the gang members, though from the location of the gang activity, it is known many of those in gangs are illegals from south of the border.

Gang-Violence1The DA’s office staff clearly feel strongly their work is needed…and they  work hard and creatively to try to combat mindsets which motivate criminal behaviors in the USA. It can’t be an easy assignment, and law enforcement believes its can make an impact with its methods.

The presentation had two elements in need of attention: first, the cultural foundation of the gang violence and, secondly, the assumption that the US & its citizens are responsible, simply because these people, through propinquity, broke illegally into the USA. Both are flawed in reasoning.

As these criminals/illegals were able to invade the USA, bringing with them their habits and mindset of disrespect for the law and the USA, does not make them entitled to a place at the table. In fact, they should be shown the door.

The meeting also featured a presentation of a scholarship honor to a young man, who attended along with his family. So one naturally can contrast his situation with those in gangs.

It can be said, this young man is the “product,” so to speak, of the ethos of the United States, his community and his family. Obviously, he was reared to respect he Rule of Law, the USA and education.

In contrast, the gang members’ behaviors are also the product of their country/community’s ethos. A situation resulting from 400 years of Spanish Colonial racist, elitist policies, which disadvantaged them…for which the US had no role.

It is well known that people all over the world yearn to be in this great country. Unfortunately, USA citizens lack the Midas Touch, and cannot financially or culturally accommodate and rehabilitate the billions of disparate people who wish to be here.

Illegal ObamaThose who break illegally into the USA often bring with them their disregard for the Rule of Law, the USA, education and lawful decent conduct. That is the fault of their country of origin, not of the USA.

USA Citizens believe the way to deal with the growing gang crime and violence of this unlawful community is to use USA law and deport them all. The notion that because they were able to break into the USA taxpayers must pay to try to control their lawlessness is wrongheaded.

To spend citizens’ hard-earned tax dollars on the expensive enterprise of changing inbred personal moral code is not effective. Those in need of remediation, resulting from hundreds of years of Spanish Colonial policies, which hurt the native population of Mexico and other countries in that hemisphere, are not the responsibility of the American people. That’s a job for Mexico and other countries from which they came.

Deportation is the correct solution to criminal people in the USA illegally.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration refuses to deport a significant number of the 20-30 million criminals/illegals (11 million is fiction) in the USA currently. In fact, it orchestrated the current wave of criminals/illegals – 90 %  teen males – flooding the southern border. In effect…importing more gang violence as many of the young men bragged about being gang members. These criminals/illegals were secretly relocated to interior cities and no one knows where they are.  It is not fully known what diseases they brought, what Americans may be infected, and how much additional violence will result.

In any case, highly trained lawyers and law enforcement of the district attorney’s office should not be deployed to this matter.

Deportation of the criminals/illegals is the right action.

The mind-set of such persons is often incompatible with the USA’s culture of respect for the law, self-reliance and good conduct.

Thomas Paine

Saving America as Founded

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Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine (not to be confused with the political activist and author from the Revolutionary War period.)
Save America as Founded

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