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Obama Administration Threatened Beheaded Journalist’s Brother

Imagine the pain and feelings of utter helplessness the families of murdered journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff must have felt as their loved ones languished as captives of ISIS. It must have been heart wrenching.

For Michael Foley, the brother of journalist James Foley, sitting around waiting for the government was not an option.

On Fox News, Michael Foley told the terrible story of his attempts to get his brother out of Syria and the despicable part played by the federal government.



Foley told Megyn Kelly that the State Department wasn’t just unhelpful, but that he believes they actively worked against his efforts to see his brother, James, released.

When Kelly asked him if he thought the Obama administration did all they could to get James released, Michael quickly responded in the negative.

“No, no. We’re appalled by the situation. It went past not doing everything they could, they were actually an impedance. They got in our way. That’s what really bothers me to the core. I was specifically threatened by the Department of State about raising funds towards ransom demands for my brother. We were smart enough to look past it, but it slowed us down, we lost a lot of time…”

He claims that they stonewalled his family, and on at least one occasion actually “threatened” them for privately trying to raise enough money to pay a ransom.

Even in the face of those threats – the Foley family chose to continue raising the money in the hope that they would one day see James again.

What is the role of our government in a situation like this? Should they have stepped in between the Foley family and the ISIS terrorists? Should the government have done more to attempt to get Foley (and fellow prisoner Steven Sotloff) back? What should the government do now, in response to their murders?

The answers here are difficult and there is no clear “right” response on some of the questions. But something must be done, and thus far the Obama administration has proven to be impotent – unable to respond in any reasonable way.

It’s time for new leaders in Washington who will protect our citizens and who will value our lives above their political careers.

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