Gender Studies Majors are No Fun

I live in a very liberal area, I grew up in a very liberal area.  So, I am familiar with militant, radical liberals who majored in gender studies.

They are angry, they have no sense of humor.  They are rude and they hate people like me.

This brand of tolerant liberal will ALWAYS judge and be unkind to a women who dresses in flattering (please, I need all the help I can get) clothes, does her hair and wears make-up.  (Seriously, I need the help.)

They wear loose, unisex clothing, cut their hair with nail scissors and reject make-up in any form.  They also work at my local library.

I went in today to print some copies of a paper that I needed for work.  We pay really high taxes and, in return, get 20 free copies a day.

I hit print, then looked at the printer.  The little red light was blinking.  It said “press resume.”  So, I pressed resume. The little red light kept on blinking.

I asked the librarian, who was studiously ignoring the red light, for help.  She said, in a very irritated-I-have-a-Ph.D-in-women’s-studies voice, “What can I help you with?”

I helpfully pointed to the blinking red light, the one that she was so successfully ignoring.  In the same very annoyed -you-are-interrupting-my-very-important-work voice, she said, “I am on my way.”

She was very flustered.  It is worthwhile to note that she was very irritated, annoyed and flustered BEFORE I came on the scene.

She turned to me and accused me of breaking the printer.

I worked in public accounting.  I made copies for 40 hours a week for almost a year.  I can fix just about any paper jam you can find.  Unfortunately, my experience is circa 1999 and I was unfamiliar with this model.

But, the concept is the same, it can be fixed.  You don’t have a conniption fit and then start yelling at customers.

See what I mean?

rightsI left her fussing and fuming at the printer and went to another part of the library.  I have a family, if I want to be snipped at, I can just go home.

Here is my point (there usually is one); in the socialist think tanks that we call schools, we have created an entire generation of people who believe:

-that America is inherently bad,

-that the Judeo-Christian ethic, which has been banned from schools, is also inherently bad,

-so, they need to be ashamed of themselves, especially if,

-they are white.

Isn’t that sad?  And, doesn’t that explain the angry, hopeless young people that you see everywhere?

Or, maybe you live in a less liberal area.  In that case, there may be fewer gender studies majors at your local library.

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