Left-Leaning Media Abuse US Citizens

The  Orange County Register, in the heart of conservative southern California, stuffs its pages with left-leaning canned news articles by Associated Press, otherwise known as Always Political, (for the Dems) as well as New York Times and Washington Post newswire articles highly favorable to Obama and his Leftist cohort.

Accuracy is often optional in these articles.

Recently the Register ran a half page NY Times article on the preview opening of the 9/11 museum in NY without one word stating who attacked the USA on September 11, 2001! Anyone reading that puff piece might have thought it was Martians, not Muslims, who murdered 3,000 innocent people at work in New York City Twin Towers. That’s like taking about the Pearl Harbor attack, December 7, 1941, without noting the attackers were the Japanese.

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liberal media biasToday, September 2, 2014, another suspect AP article praises California governor Jerry Brown with a thinly disguised reelection endorsement – see this fantasy paragraph.

“After occupying many political offices, including secretary of state, attorney general and mayor of Oakland, Brown is now considered a voice of moderation, providing a check to the more liberal impulses of the Democratic majorities in the state legislature.” What? Pure fantastic fiction writing.

“…a voice of moderation…” compared to what? To whom? In what universe?

Investor’s Business Daily states, “Last year Brown signed a number of bills that make it easier for illegals to come to California to stay – law and the border be damned.”

The IBD article goes on to state the Democrats sought to kill English only education in the state. What a coup…that would create a vast permanent non-English speaking underclass dependent on AMERICAN CITIZENS TO PROVIDE WELFARE and votes for the Democratic party eternally.

Brown feted Mexican president Pena Nieto last week applauding his insulting comment that the US was “…the other Mexico.”  This is arrogance on display. Pointedly reminding American citizens he’s gotten away with exporting the worst of his nation to the US with dire consequences and no one is doing anything about it.

No one would want to be anything like corrupt racist elitist Mexico.  But Brown smiled in agreement and added, “…everyone’s welcome, legal or not.”  It’s wonderful to be so welcoming and eager to spend other people’s money.

That’s an American governor publicly proclaiming US Rule of Law means nothing to him, That’s an outrage. A disgrace.

He should be put out of office for his failure to uphold US laws designed to protect the US and its citizens. And the Mexican president should be held accountable for decades of racketeering.

American citizens have been economically and culturally raped by 40 years of racketeering by Mexico’s exporting illegal drugs, guns and poor people to the USA for the purpose of subversion and profit.

California Governor Jerry Brown Welcomes All Illegal Immigrants to CaliforniaNeed proof?

Look around – your kids can buy drugs in their school yards.

Every year Mexico gets back $40-50 billion from the “poor people” sent to defraud US citizens. Now that’s a brilliant racket.

Mexican Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world, could fund education and medical care for all poor Mexicans.

Where is Carlos Slim?

Why is he never mentioned as a viable solution to the economic problems south of the border? Oh, wait. Why should Mexico or Carlos Slim spend money on its people when it has fraudulently harnessed American taxpayers into spending hundreds of billions on criminals/illegals, most from Mexico?

Americans are supporting 20-30 million criminals/illegals so Carlos Slim and Mexico can keep its money. What a racket!


Reading a local news source doesn’t mean the articles will reflect honesty and the community’s values.

The OC Register certainly goes along with the Left/Marxists/Democrats as it packs its pages with sob stories on the “plight” of criminals/illegals. However, there are never any stories about the “plight” of American citizens who have had their communities, schools, hospitals, universities and other resources compromised by criminals/illegals who broke into the USA to burglarize and take citizens’ property.

Cal State Fullerton University’s president Mildred Garcia boasted she has turned the university, funded by American citizens for their own children, into a “…Hispanic…institution…” complete with a center on campus for recruiting criminals/illegals students and staff.

The governor will spend millions to buy lawyers for the newest gate-crashers…that’s like forcing the person whose home is burglarized to pay for the defense of the crook who stole his property.

California’s governor betrayed the citizens of the state.

It’s what Democrats do daily.

Pander to the favored victim groups…and we all know who they are.

Media consumers need to call out newspapers that run slanted articles such as AP…it’s a cheap way to fill pages, but it costs a fortune in damaged liberty.

Thomas Paine

Saving America as Founded.

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Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine (not to be confused with the political activist and author from the Revolutionary War period.)
Save America as Founded

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