An Open Letter to the GOP Leadership

Americans with a sense of history grounded in solid understanding of justice and fairness for American citizens/taxpayers are alarmed by the apparent weakness of GOP leadership.

There are several immense dangers – not the favored word, “challenges” – lurking with the potential to destroy the culture and economy of the United States.

Those are the three M’s… Mexico, Muslims, Marxism….all seemingly working together to derail America as founded on Christian/Judeo principles of the Enlightenment. As the only country where the PEOPLE made the rules, the founding USA was a miraculous breakthrough that is now under attack.

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For decades US politicians turned a blind eye, or worse, colluded, in Mexico’s decades of organized racketeering exporting illegal drugs, guns and poor people into the United States for the purpose of psychological warfare, subversion and profit.

The impact of 20-30 million criminals/illegals (not the fictional “11 million”)  has degraded cities, schools, education, medical care and all other areas of American civic life.

American citizens are forced to pay to educate, at universities funded by taxpayers, illegal Mexicans who have no concept that they are taking what properly belongs to US citizens. Politicians have facilitated this theft of services and Americans who rightly point out the theft are put down by politicians, and there are few who stand up for them.

The 20-30 million criminals/illegals now have tens of thousands more illegals flooding into the US/CA…and being secretly deployed to interior locations. This current invasion has obviously been orchestrated by the Left/Marxist/Dems…to grow the voting base.

Many are now saying…”we’ll never be able to out-vote them.” No. Not if they are allowed to stay. The only solution is deporting criminals/illegals.

However, the GOP is not leading on this…Scott Baugh, Chair, GOP Orange County, wrote an editorial in OC Register signaling apparent approval of amnesty and actually dismissing the “Rule of Law” in the matter… the bedrock of USA Constitution.


True conservatives reject this position as it leads to defeat. Not victory.

Criminals/illegals already reap billions from Left/Dems party so it is unlikely they will ever vote GOP…to think so smacks of delusion…it is reading the tea leaves incorrectly to assign “conservative values” to them. In fact, their culture is incompatible with democratic Western values of self-reliance & fairness.

They are steeped in 400 years of Spanish Colonial policies of racism and elitism generating disrespect for authority and honesty.

Americans have no moral, legal, ethical obligation to support the poor which have been sent by racketeering Mexico…Mexican, Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world, could fund education/medical for all Mexican poor…but this is never mentioned…Americans are forced to do this.

Many believe it is the duty of the GOP to stand firm on deporting criminals/illegals as the only fair and just thing to do.

There should be no “door prize” of citizenship for successfully breaking into the country to take what citizens created…essentially burglarizing the homeland to steal property bought and paid for by citizens/taxpayers.

It goes without saying the growing numbers and aggressive demands of Muslims in Europe and the US will become a greater infringement in the future. There has been no attempt to be secretive on the intentions of the Islamists…it is world domination. Perhaps they are still angry over the Crusades and expulsion from Europe, Spain, in 1492. In any case they have made clear the hatred of the West. To ignore or dismiss this is to court extinction.

The Marxists in government and education have usurped the American model of patriotism and fairness. Decades of 1960s-style aggression against government and middle-class values has produced too many who have no understanding of the foundation of American and what it stands for. They have been successfully brainwashed to believe unworthy propositions forwarded by the Left, such as  “You didn’t build that.”

With a president who can be understood if his actions on all these matters are reviewed clearly the USA is in need of strong conservative leadership, not GOP politicians throwing in their lot with the amnesty crowd while allowing the Muslims to teach US students it is a “peaceful religion” while more freedoms are stolen daily by the Marxists.

No plastic bags for you!

And all the rest of the crooked actions taken by states controlled by the Democrats.

Now is the time to speak up for the Rule of Law and America.

Citizens must refuse to be bullied into giving away their country.


Thomas Paine

Saving America as Founded

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Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine (not to be confused with the political activist and author from the Revolutionary War period.)
Save America as Founded

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