Liberals Don’t Want the Truth

Liberals Don’t Want the Truth.

A little bit about my writing.

When I finished journalism school (I swear it was a really good school), I went to the local newspaper, walked in and got a writing assignment.

The pay, $50.

The assignment – President Bush was passing a bill that made battered women stay with abusive husbands.  Wow!  The president doesn’t pass bills.  And, wow, that is terrible.

So, I researched it.  Ah, the good old days, research.  I read the bill.  Journalists used to do that, did you know?  They actually used to read bills.  Not sure if people do that anymore.  That is how they put so much pork in those bills, They figure no one reads them.

factsWell, here is what was really in the bill, There was a provision for marriage counseling.  That was it.  People who couldn’t afford it otherwise, were being given government subsidized marriage counseling.  If they chose to use it, that was an option.

I looked for the part where an evil Republican mandated that battered women had to stay with abusive husbands.  I couldn’t find that anywhere.

So, I did three interviews.  I interviewed a conservative, a moderate and a liberal.  (Some do speak to me, see previous posts.)  I wrote the article.  It was a well-researched piece with the truth and quotes from all different perspectives.  It was a good article.  It was worth $60.

Guess what happened.

I got fired.

That is how liberal the media is.  You write it in the liberal way or you are out of there.  There is no tolerance for any perspective other than the liberal one.  If the news doesn’t fit the liberal line, they actually make stuff up.

I don’t think I ever did get that $50.


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