McCain (Loves) Amnesty

While Marco Rubio took a lot of heat in recent months for his apology of the Gang of Eight immigration reform legislation, the real Republican power behind the bill comes from 2008 Presidential candidate John McCain. The members of the Gang of Eight proved their political acumen when they chose Rubio as the figurehead for their movement, and one has to think that McCain and Lindsey Graham were the architects of that plan.

There was no way for McCain or Graham to lose on the issue… but Rubio was a tea party darling who could possibly convince other tea party members to join the push for bad immigration reform. If he failed, the only person who gets hurt is Rubio. McCain and Graham win election after election, no matter how big of a RINO they prove themselves to be. The only one risking anything in pushing for immigration reform was Rubio.

The immediate problem with the law was that it grants de-facto amnesty to illegal immigrants without first guaranteeing to secure the border with Mexico. However, each day that passes seems to teach us some new key bit of information that makes the immigration reform law even more unappealing.

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Thanks to Daniel Vock at the Stateline news service, we now know that the passage of this bill could be a crippling blow to state budgets. The immigration reform bill contains many “unfunded mandates” that states would need to figure out how to pay for. For example, The bill mandates that applicants learn English to take advantage of the new amnesty offering, so the states will have to create English instruction programs to facilitate that requirement. There is no specific funding in the bill to defray the costs of these classes.

Another example is state healthcare costs. Currently, illegal immigrants don’t qualify for many state programs or for Medicaid, but once the amnesty bill is passed that will eventually change. This will throw millions of low-income patients onto the already over burdened state Medicaid systems.

gang of eightMcCain now realizes that he and his allies on the immigration reform issue are losing the battle in the House of Representatives, so he is preparing to begin a campaign to sway their votes.

The foreseeable problem for Senator McCain is that to win votes he will have to explain the bill–and he has proven he’s not the best person for that job. Recently CNS News asked Senator McCain how often someone could forge passports before being charged with a crime. McCain couldn’t answer. In fact, he wasn’t even sure if the bill spoke to “forged documents”. It does, and the answer is three times. A person can be convicted of forging a passport three times before being charged with a felony, Senator.

How can someone advocate for a law they don’t even understand? Thus far Marco Rubio has been the hardest hit by the backlash against the Gang of Eight bill, but the obvious villain here is John McCain. We need a new Republican Senator from Arizona…


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