82 Year-Old Black Grandma Goes Off on Democrats – Switches to GOP!

Many of us conservative minorities have been saying for year that one day America’s blacks will switch back to the Republican Party. Why? Because, they fit-in better with us. We agree more consistently on social issues, we believe in the equality of mankind no matter your color, gender or background… we just fit better.

It’s been slow going – the GOP has only been able to win over about 10% of the African-American voters, but there are signs of awakening.

Like this 82 year-old grandma from Texas.


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“I voted straight Republican because I have noticed for years what the Democrat Party has done to my people. Unemployment is higher in the black community that it is — double with unemployment than it is anywhere else…

There’s no way I could continue to say I’m a Christian and stay with the Democrat Party. They advocate the killing of babies and taking from the doers and giving to the ones sitting doing nothing.”

She reiterated the importance of abortion in her decision making process – especially in Texas, where Wendy Davis had become a hero by advocating child murder.

“For that reason there’s no way I can say I’m a Christian and stay in the Democrat Party.”

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