Violent and Evil Muslims Behead Innocent American


Obama has promised to bring James Foley’s killers to justice.  Tell me what is justice when the act was cutting off a young man’s head with a small knife?  Would it be cutting off the terrorist’s testicles?  Poking out his eyes?

No, even that wouldn’t be justice.  Foley did nothing.  Any punishment  to the terrorists would be less than proportionate.

Mentally ill liberals accuse Israel of punishing Hamas disproportionately when Hamas straps their children to their own targets.  In fact it is Hamas’ disproportionate punishment of their own people that is criminal.

But Foley is not an American decoy target.  He is a ISIS victim.  He did nothing.  And they do him wrong.  His head can’t find his body.  He can’t even figure out why he was punished.

james-foley-beheadedHow do we punish terrorists for their terror?  You can’t possibly do enough to them.  The game of torture is in their purview.  They deserve all the punishment and none of the forgiveness.

The wrongs committed by Isis cannot be righted. No justice can reclaim Foley’s head. Revenge is necessary but it will never achieve the lofty, utopian goal of justice.

Obama said, “The United States of America will continue to do what we must do to protect our people.”  What’s that?  Reduce the size of the army, air force and navy? Call terrorism workplace violence?

Maybe Obama should go to medical school and reattach the legs of the runners massacred at the Boston marathon?

Obama had the nerve to announce how ISIS “murdered Muslims, both Sunni and Shia, by the thousands.”

Hey, Obama, what you should announce is that the murderers are all Muslims.  They are both perpetrators of violence and victims.  That makes them genetically guilty.  Where is their effort to police themselves?

Where is their guilt?

Where is Foley’s head now?

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David Lawrence

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