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Breaking News: Officer Darren Wilson’s Eye Socket is not Fractured?

CNN is running a report that disputes an earlier report from Fox News. The earlier story from Fox reported that Officer Wilson’s eye socket had been fractured in his confrontation with Michael Brown. CNN is disputing that story but saying that Officer Wilson’s face was treated for “bruising.”

CNN’s Tweet
Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 5.44.52 PM

While we can’t be 100% sure yet what is going on with this injury… both the CNN report and the Fox News report seem to jibe with the police departments earliest statement on the subject.

From a Reuters story back on August 13th:

DarrenWilsonThe police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black teenager last weekend in Ferguson, Missouri, was injured in the incident that has sparked racially charged protests, the city’s police chief said on Wednesday.

Police Chief Thomas Jackson told a news conference the unidentified officer was treated at a hospital for swelling on the side of his face, one of the few details released about events surrounding the Saturday night shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

So… will this new CNN report change anything?

Does it matter if Officer Wilson suffered a fracture or just some swelling?

If he was only hurt a little does that make it harder to justify that he may have feared for his life – which led him to shoot Michael Brown?

If he did suffer a fracture, will that mean that he did have sufficient reason to fear for his life when – and if – Michael Brown “charged” him?

I’m not sure how much this latest twist changes things… but it does beg the question – has our media become too involved with this story? The facts seem to be changing day to day and the media seems to be getting tripped up in the back and forth.

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