America Now Ruled by Rioters?

It’s apparently official.

America is no longer governed by the Rule of Law, but by political intrigue and media hype.

Rioters in Ferguson, Missouri, are pulling the strings which may, in fact, ensnare an innocent police officer, who encountered a 6′ 4″ 290 pound marijuana-laced young man, who minutes before had assaulted and robbed a convenience store worker. Not many outside the NFL could defend effectively against that size person.

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The governor of Missouri, a Democrat, made a video statement apparently pushing for – “…prosecuting…” the police officer, even though the facts are not yet known. This pleases the black population, who use riots and violence to demand no violence be done to them under any circumstances.

fergusonBlack “leaders,” Democrats — really men who make their living shaking down opponents while riling up the Democratic vote – were on scene sympathizing.

US Attorney General, a Democrat, ignores the murder capital of the US, Chicago, where young black men are killing other young black men at record rates – seven last weekend. But that doesn’t involve any whites so it is dismissed. But he goes to Ferguson to do what?…support the notion that a white police officer, dealing with a difficult situation was motivated by racism, rather than fear for his life.

The US southern border is thrown open to terrorists, criminals/illegals and anyone else who has a desire to break into the USA, against its laws, to steal  – or kill. This pleases the 20-30 million criminals/illegals, most from Mexico, already being supported by US taxpayers, who will continue to vote for the Democrats.

These criminals/illegals themselves subvert the law as they undermined many aspects of US custom and civility. Their reaction to a gang member being killed by police two years ago in Anaheim, CA, was the same as in Ferguson…riots. That’s the MO…no one is liable for his/her actions….the police are always overreacting. And maybe they are sometimes. However, these days certain groups favored by the Democrats are always right, even when they are clearly not.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles professional basketball fans were delighted to join in the raucous celebration by the Clippers new owner, who purchased the team even though the previous owner did not want to sell. A liberal media, combined with political correctness gone berserk, publicly flayed Donald Sterling.

donald sterlingSomehow, former Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s personal benign comments, in his own home, on who he didn’t want his girlfriend to bring to games, which she illegally recorded and made available to sleazy TV gossip show, caused his property to be confiscated. And sold off – at a profit, to be sure, but none the less, against Sterling’s will.

Americans need to focus on this  – an American citizen’s property was essentially confiscated through political pressure to punish him for private thoughts and comments in his own home.

Great outrage ensued because his comments were deemed, by the commissioner and others in his camp, as racist. Sterling did nothing illegal. In fact, his comments were odd, and rather bland.

The commissioner of the professional basketball league expressed profound outrage at Sterling’s private – not public – comments and acted immediately to ban Sterling from participation in the league, fined him more than a million dollars, and caused him to ultimately surrender his property – the Clippers basketball team.

However, there apparently was little outrage by the commissioner or professional basketball in general, over the culture of criminal off-the-court behaviors by players as illuminated in news reports and the well-researched book, “Out of Bounds.”

Those accused of various crimes were not forced to surrender their property nor did they lose their jobs. But then, they are members of one of the favored groups that support Democrats.

It should be noted…that while the current administration focuses attention on Ferguson, the myriad of administration’s scandals – IRS, NSA, Benghazi, etc., are pushed off the front pages of media reporting.

And for Democrats, that’s a good thing.

Not so much for America and its citizens.

Thomas Paine

Saving America as Founded

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Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine (not to be confused with the political activist and author from the Revolutionary War period.)
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