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Using the Ferguson Shooting to Prepare for the 2016 Election

Drudge is carrying the following headlines:

Any time someone is killed, it’s a tragedy. It seems, however, that some killings are more important than others. It depends on who’s the victim and who’s the shooter.

The answer is simple: There’s no political capital to be made.

In 2016, Barack Obama will not be running for president. Taking on back-on-black crime does not create opposition politics.

How will the Democrats get their base out when it looks like another white Democrat will be running for office?

There is no better way to energize the base than to cry racism and blame it on the “system” which is run by White people and, by definition, Republicans.

The problems in Ferguson cannot be solved by a patchwork of new laws and edicts from the Department of Justice.

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Gary DeMar

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