Keith Olbermann is Back

As a teenager I spent most of my television viewing time glued to one channel, and no, it wasn’t MTV. ESPN was addictive to me as a teenager (hey, it still is) and the one show I could never get enough of was Sportscenter. I could watch the show and its repeated broadcast over and over again.

Moreover, depending on who the sportscasters were for that day’s broadcast, the show could be even more fun to watch. My favorite on-air personality was a distinguished mustachioed gentleman by the name of Keith Olbermann. At the time, I had no idea who Keith Olbermann was away from the Sportscenter desk. I only knew that when he and Dan Patrick would work the day’s highlights and lowlights together, it would be magic.

A little bit of Olbermann’s sportscasting work pre-ESPN – see he’s actually really good at it.

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Fast forward about a decade, and I learned to be truly repulsed by the very sound of Olbermann’s practiced disgust when it came to all things conservative. He may not have been the founder of liberal vitriolic television, but he is certainly the patriarch. Day after day he would say things that were more and more offensive, and generally the truth as he saw it was debatable. Watching his show was the first time that I realized that there were people out there who were truly disgusted by me and my beliefs without even knowing me.

Countdown with Keith Olbermann taught me a lot about the liberal agenda in media and about the very fact that when it came to demonization, the left knew no bounds. I can remember hearing Olbermann talk about the “Worst Person in the World”, and realizing that they were bad for believing something that I too believed… did that make me one of the worst people in the world too?

Years of working as “THE” liberal broadcasting giant have soured my opinion of him. “Soured” may not be a strong enough word. However, I still have great memories of listening to Keith talk about a shared mutual love of baseball… and I’ll be honest here – I’m actually pretty excited that Olbermann is coming back to TV . (Don’t hate me for this!)

Keith Olbermann has just re-signed with ESPN and he will be hosting a late night sports talk show. “Titled Olbermann, the show will generally be presented at 11 p.m. ET from ABC’s Times Square studios in New York City. The program will focus on the day’s relevant sports topics through a mix of perspective and commentary, interviews, contributors, panel discussions and highlights.”

keitholbermannWhen I first heard the news, I was worried that ESPN would be allowing political commentary on their network in an “in your face” way on a nightly basis. How could Olbermann simply return to sports broadcasting? However, a New York Times report on the reunions says that Olbermann’s contract stipulates On his new show, Olbermann will be free to discuss matters other than sports, including pop culture and current events, but not politics, the two-year pact specifies.

Olbermann himself seemed to both contradict and affirm the report from the Times, Olbermann also noted that his contract does not include language that prohibits him from talking about politics. But he will only take on political issues that are relevant to sports. “If [Congress] is considering a bill to make PED use a capital offense we’ll cover it,” he said by way of an unlikely example. “

As long as this is true and Olbermann’s conversations don’t stray from the conventional sports conversation, I’m willing to give his show a chance. I truly did enjoy Keith’s abilities as a sports journalist, his knowledge and wit make a great combination, especially when combined with his passion for sports.

I wonder if any of my conservative brethren are excited for Keith’s return to sports too, or if this article is going to get me a lot of hate mail for admitting I have ever enjoyed Keith Olbermann’s work…

Before you scroll down to write a mean comment about how liberal I am for enjoying Keith Olbermann’s sports reporting work, laugh with me at this old “This is Sportscenter” promo.



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