The Eric Holder and Obama Rap

Eric Holder gets bolder in his self-hatred. Smolder one, smolder two, him and Obama stubbing their thoughts in a shoe. What can they do? Kick themselves in the ass.  As Mick Jagger said, “It’s a gas, gas, gas.” The old lady in the shoe has gone mad.  Beautiful America has become a hag, a drag, a weakness that can’t brag while the economy lags and Syria burns.

Ruin us, attuned to their reverse racist twang like Sharpton in a march to nowhere; rallying the masses, trash is like that when the fat ain’t phat and the bling is a fling at our expense.

Holder pretends the world snubs him and Obama for their race, or their color, for whatever the reason, it’s all treason in a season of discontent. Is the King named Richard? No, you Shakespearean fool. It’s Obama—the drool that dripped from the mouth of a secret admiration for the 72 virgins in heaven.

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How’d we vote for him after 9/11; a lover of Muslim morning prayers.  A Cairo speech; a screech.  A man with no substance, all airs.

holder and obamaObama and Holder are conceited, defeated, arrogant for sure and using their power like a missing umbrella in a sun shower. Their bitter faces and the obvious traces of being overly self-assured. Two powerful millionaires feeling sorry for themselves, their jealousy smolders. Their ideology gets older; more simplified as they are deified by the ignorant masses.

Obama talks about a fair share?  Does he care in Martha’s Vineyard?   He lives like Orwell’s Napoleon the pig in Brave New World.  He is dictatorial.  His lies and fake transparency should be prosecutorial.

Holder and Obama were put in office because of their color. Yet liberals think that we are prejudiced against them.   Anger smolders.  Jealousy is rankness. It’s Holder who hates his own blackness. Obama too. And liberals hate everyone while they say, “I love you, I do.”

Some self-hatred in a jar, whip-de-doo. I’m a Jew. Part of me hates myself because you hate me, you do.

I can’t figure it out. Are you wrong? Holder and Obama project it back at the whites cause they’re not bright enough to do better; self-hatred is their litter of pups sucking on the nine teats of their mommy’s

Holder says its racial animus against them; sometimes prejudice needs two angry friends like Obama, Holder and the hatred that they shoulder like borrowed football pads. Cads? You bethca. Such accomplished failures.

With twice their brains I am riding the subway to the stations of unemployment. Their anger marches in a deployment against enemies of their own invention. Their intelligence finds itself in detention. Prisoners of undeserved success like a Nobel Prize without an achievement ; as if their accomplishment is to be black, a win, a loss, losers who play the boss. The cost? Ours.

A government in chaos with a leader without direction, an insurrection, we don’t need fruit but maybe a peach as part of impeachment. The pits—Obama and Holder.

Obama spying like Nixon and trying to foresee his miserable place in history like Jeane Dixon. She predicted Kennedy’s death. Obama lies with each breath.  His morals are a mess. His main weapon is the IRS.  He is a Chicago gangster.  Bring on Eliot Ness.

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David Lawrence

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