Sharpton Works Overtime to Spread Racial Bigotry

Sharpton Rattling On


For a moment Sharpton forgot his obsession with racial bigotry and said to New York’s  Mayor de Blasio about Eric Garner’s death by chokehold, “If Dante wasn’t your son, he’d be a candidate for a chokehold. And we’ve got to deal with that reality.”

Gee, Dante is black like Eric Garner.  He has an afro.  De Blasio is his white father. I almost feel that Mayor de Blasio married a black woman as a political move.  He is that ambitious.

Has Sharpton moved on from his favorite theme of racial bigotry to attacking the class structure where the mayor’s son gets a break? Usually, he complains that blacks are mistreated.  Now he complains that Dante won’t get a chokehold because he is leading the high life in Gracie Mansion with the mayor.  Even though Dante is black he will be protected by his money and his breeding.  If the social justice crowd doesn’t complain that you are being mistreated because of your color, they complain that you are getting strangled because you don’t have the mayor’s money.

al sharpton2Did they ever think that Eric Garner died because he was one hundred and fifty pounds overweight and because he resisted arrest?  If I were that much overweight I would probably strangle myself just to stop my eating.

Why doesn’t slippery Sharpton move on to a more important subject like gun violence in New York City which has increased by 8 per cent since de Blasio and Bratton ended stop-and-frisk?  Maybe the Mayor’s black son, Dante, will be a casualty of his failure to police for guns.

Maybe his daughter, Chaira, will end up raped by a black man with a weapon.  Rarely, statistically, do white men rape black women.  I don’t know why but it’s a fact that black men almost always rape white women.

Don’t Dante and Chaira deserve some protection?  Why just Eric Garner?

Law enforcement and opportunists like Sharpton are making this city a much more dangerous place. The Sharpton’s of the world should stop pointing their fingers at every enforcement mistake and start encouraging them to keep doing their jobs and protect us.

I think de Blasio, Bratton and Sharpton should be frisked just to see if we can hear a brain rattling around in their heads.

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David Lawrence

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