California Democrat Going to Mexico – Ignores Border Crisis

No doubt California citizens are wondering why Gov. Jerry Brown is hitching a ride with 100 + Chamber of Commerce participants, who are kicking in $5,000 each, supposedly to help cover his expenses for a “trade mission” to corrupt Mexico. But not a mission to close the border.

It is stated in the press he intends to talk about the “refugees” streaming unimpeded through Mexico to be dumped on USA citizens’ doorstep. That would be the tens of thousands of disease-ridden border-crashers to which he’s referring.

But the main excuse for the trip is stated to be trade….not the blatant aiding and abetting of criminal actions of tens of thousands of criminals/illegals breaking into the USA for the purpose of stealing what Americans have created.

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It would be good if Brown were going to demand Mexico stop its decades-long racketeering exporting illegal drugs, guns and poor people into the USA for subversive purposes and profit…that nation gets back $40-50 BILLION yearly from the poor people it transfers from “its books” onto the backs of American citizens.

illegalsThe poor people take jobs from citizens, pay no taxes on the money, and are supported by citizens so they have extra cash to send back to Mexico. Too bad Americans don’t have that option.

According to press reports, Gov. Brown is hitching a ride with the California Chamber of Commerce, whose 100 + participants are kicking in $5,000 each to help pay his travel expenses.

There will be three days of meetings, in which Brown says it wants Mexico’s help pushing “climate change agenda.” Oh good. A corrupt agenda to partner with a corrupt nation…a blend made in political paradise.

Brown appears clueless as to the damage Mexico’s racketeering has created in California…rampant crime, jails packed with Mexican gang leaders…recent crime is up in Los Angeles, due, it can be inferred, from the influx of gang members among the so-called children flooding the borders.

Mexico’s racketeering has resulted in great suffering for Americans…with once middle-class cities turned into barrios, with destroyed communities, schools, hospitals, etc. He is quoted in the OC Register, July 28, 2014, “The relationship with Mexico, the role of those of Mexican heritage in California is fundamental to our schools, to our well-being, and I think this trip will be productive.”

Right. For Mexico.

What it is likely to mean for abused American citizens is continued, or perhaps increased, levels of lawlessness. The more people from south of the border, the more American communities suffer, as habits of violence come along with the border crashers.

What should be done? A delegation of American citizens should meet with Mexican officials and demand the border be sealed on that side…allowing not another criminal/illegal to cross into the USA. It wouldn’t hurt to demand former US Marine Andrew Tamahroosi be released from the Mexican prison in which he’s been held since March.

Illegal ObamaMost important…the demands should be to round up wealthy Mexicans, like Carlos Slim, to fund education, medical care and other benefits for the poor Mexicans. Slim is said to be so rich he could educate every poor child in that nation. But he gets to keep his money, as Mexico sends its poor into USA for unwilling Americans to foot the bills for Mexicans.

What pipe dream is Gov. Brown talking about…these people are “…fundamental to our schools…”

But not in a productive way.

Americans demand Mexico repatriate all 20 million criminals/illegals living off Americans in the USA today.

And close the border to stop any others from breaking into the USA illegally.

That’s the conversation Gov. Brown should be having…but won’t.

Who cares about American citizens? Certainly not politicians like Brown.

Americans demand: Deport all criminals/illegals.

Close the borders.

Mexico plays no beneficial role for California…it is damaging.

Thomas Paine

Saving American as Founded

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Thomas Paine (not to be confused with the political activist and author from the Revolutionary War period.)
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