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Evil Islam Encourages Slavery to Flourish

What we are going to show you today is not for the faint of heart.

Sadly, all over the world slavery has spread its ugly tendrils.

There are more slaves living on our planet today than every before, and in the Muslim nations of the Middle East (and North Africa), slavery is flourishing.

Over the last year or so several videos have been leaked online showing the depravity of these modern day slave owners.

slaveryPlease be warned that these videos are graphic and depict some of the horrible things that humans can bring themselves to do to one another.

It is sad and it is painful to watch.

The first video is of an Ethiopian maid who is being punished for making her Saudi owners unhappy.

Yes, she is being hanged upside down while being beaten with sticks and whips.


The second video is of a garbage collector in Saudi Arabia being beaten by a gang of children. The worker is forced to withstand this treatment or suffer a worse fate at the hands of the authorities.


The third video is of a Bangladeshi slave, again in Saudi Arabia, who has been beaten by his owner and is about to beaten again…


This is Islam.

This is Saudi Arabia – our closest friend and ally in the Middle East (after Israel).

How can we stomach working with them when they allow their citizens to act like animals?

Slavery is evil and yet it is tolerated in the Muslim world. So, what does that tell us about Islam?

I think it says a lot…

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