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President Obama Won’t Let Woman in Labor into Hospital

Okay, okay. Maybe we’re taking a bit of liberty with the title here. Technically, President Obama didn’t keep the woman out of the hospital himself… he sent some of his cronies to do the dirty work. Okay, okay. So maybe it didn’t exactly go like that either.

Let me tell the story…

President Obama was in Los Angeles on Wednesday to give a speech and attend a couple of fundraisers, so naturally the streets that he would be arriving on had to be cordoned off.

This quickly became a problem for a woman who was in labor across the street from her hospital. Because the street was cordoned off she couldn’t cross to be admitted to have her child.

The pregnant woman had to wait for over a half an hour before she was finally allowed to cross the street and have her baby!

Witnesses could not believe what they were seeing but police were adamant… no one could cross until after the President had passed by and was safely away.

At one point local NBC affiliate reporter Robert Kovacik asked a nearby police officer when the woman would be able to get to the hospital.


“As soon as we can, looks like the motorcade is coming through right about now. We’ll be able to open it up for traffic and first we’ll thing we’ll try to get to will be an ambulance, but I can’t guarantee it will be…” 


See! We told you that President Obama was selfish and rude.

He wouldn’t even let this poor pregnant lady get to the hospital!


Thankfully it seems that she was able to get herself admitted before having the baby – hopefully everything went well from there.

(We hope it goes without saying that this post is dripping with sarcasm and is in jest. We don’t actually blame President Obama for this… or do we?)

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