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Our Leaders are Absent on Immigration

Bankrupt Leadership On Immigration

“What to do about immigration dilemma”

Scott Baugh, Chairman, Republican Party of Orange County, authored a suicidal editorial, regarding illegal immigration, on July 20, 2014, in the Orange County Register.

It demonstrated the bankruptcy of Mr. Baugh’s leadership, as well as the failure of the GOP/conservatives to fully grasp the death throes America faces today as a result of Mexico’s decades-long criminal racketeering exporting illegal drugs, guns, poor people, into the United States for the purpose of psychological warfare, subversion and profit.

That corrupt nation gets back $40-50 billion yearly from the “poor people” it sends to take jobs and every other resource from unwilling and increasingly terrorized American citizens.

Baugh is quoted, “…these proponents (of deportation) hang their hats on ‘rule of law’ arguments…what to do with undocumented immigrants…”

illegal immigrationNotice he signals his amnesty leaning by calling them undocumented not criminals/illegals. The truth is they broke into the country as a burglar breaks into a citizen’s house. For the same purpose. To steal property not theirs.

The reasons are the same. They want more. And they’ll take it.

Americans have no legal, ethical, moral responsibility to support people south of the border. They are barely hanging on to their fading resources. Those people must be cared for by their countries.

The long term results of having 30 million criminals/illegals, who for the most part do not speak English, have no educational skills, have little interest in anything beyond harvesting as much American treasure as possible, will be complete annihilation of America’s Western Culture. And that is the intention of the Marxist/Leftists in power.

It is widely acknowledged the administration orchestrated the current flood of tens of thousands of illegals, with the cooperation of Mexico.

It is clear that poor, uneducated, ignorant villagers 2,500 miles from the US border could not have conceived, bankrolled, organized and executed the massive incursion of nearly 100,000 more illegals into the US. These are being housed far from the border, in cities unwilling to have them, while Obama says they will be deported. Which is untrue.

It is particularly disheartening the GOP chair’s pathetic commentary on illegal immigration, where he basically says nothing meaningful can be done, was published on July 20, the anniversary of America’s greatest achievement: the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.

Responding to President John F. Kennedy’s vision to have Americans reach the Moon, millions of Americans – engineers, rocket scientists, ordinary workers, citizens – congealed to boost the Apollo 11 Moon Landing to success where Commander Neil Armstrong, Col. Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin tiptoed onto the Moon while Commander Michael Collins faithfully circled aloft awaiting their return.

Those of us who have seen the television pictures of Armstrong and Aldrin miraculously tread the Moon know in our bones what America can do. We have been an eyewitness to greatness.

illegal immigration prohibidoThat is how we know that closing the southern border is nothing compared to flying to the Moon.

Roman Emperor Hadrian built a wall across Britain 2,000 years ago, fortified it with soldiers and that kept the barbarians at bay. Yes, it was only 85 miles long. But it was the determination and execution that counted.

Today America is letting corrupt Mexico pull the strings.

That is how we know corrupt people – on both sides of the border – have played Americans for fools for decades. Preying on the world-famous compassionate nature of Americans by transferring Mexico & S. America’s racist, elitist policy results, of poor people, onto our checkbooks.

For 400 years that hemisphere has been in turmoil. Spain took out gold and silver and put nothing but racism and elitism back. They treated the native population like animals, because it was decided by a 16th century Spanish commission they were not fully human.

The people breaking into the US today are the progeny of that malignant mindset where authority is held in contempt and greed for something not theirs prevails.

When such people break into the US they bring with them habits of Spanish Colonial policies of corruption. That lawlessness is evident everywhere today.

People in the US who have illegal backgrounds favor current criminals/illegals.

Chiefs of police in Los Angeles, Anaheim (Disneyland home) publicly confirm they will not enforce car impound laws on criminals/illegals who are stopped for traffic violations. Because most of such infractions are by criminals/illegals…so it becomes the norm to let criminals/illegals run the show.  Only US citizens are held to the laws.

The Orange County sheriff refuses to turn over criminals/illegals released from jail to ICE. “Not our job.”

Two years ago a known 26 year old gangster from Anaheim fled the police’s lawful order to stand still. He appeared to be reaching into his clothes for what police feared was a weapon. They shot and killed him.

Riots ensued. The mother (there’s never fathers, as taxpayers serve in that role) and others in the neighborhood threatened the safety of the city…where tourists to Disneyland provide millions in tax revenues. So the Anaheim mayor went on bended knee to the rioters.

Tourists don’t like riots. The “big cheese” no doubt sent a message…stop the riots in any way.

Today, two years later, the mother of the slain gangster refuses to remove the shrine to her gangster son, which blocks a public walkway. In violation of laws prohibiting obstruction.

Further, she believes Anaheim police should pay to erect a permanent shrine to her son. The mayor has not discounted her idea.

The president of the Anaheim Police Association, Kerry Condon, is appalled.

“I’m upset,“ Condon was quoted saying, “that a public official would publicly support gang members and gang activity.”

stop illegal immigrationThat’s where the US is today.

Compromised in every way on Rule of Law, cultural norms, economic honesty, and educational productivity.

No country can accommodate tens of millions of non-compatible illegals who have no respect or regard for what they so easily are able to steal from the US and its citizens.

One of the richest man in the world, Mexican Carlos Slim, could fund education and other services for all poor Mexicans. Instead, Mexico exports them on to the backs of increasingly struggling Americans who are out of work, living pay check to paycheck while criminals/illegals demand more and more with the support of the Catholic Church, other groups who care nothing for decency.

The truth is Americans have been economically and culturally raped by the corrupt exporting of that hemisphere’s poor onto the good will of Americans.

Today Americans are being terrorized in the media, on the streets, by the Catholic Church and others insisting they cede their COUNTRY TO MEXICO, WHICH ALREADY APPEARS TO BE CONTROLLING LAW ENFORCEMENT.

Baugh writes, apparently for the Orange County GOP, suggesting all the deterioration due to decades of criminals/illegals influence in every sector basically be let go. Essentially he seems to be saying…”hey, if they broke in successfully, and got away with it for years, forgitabutit.”

He never mentioned the California jails stuffed with Mexican gang lords. Or the hospitals forced to close because of the burden of giving free care to criminals/illegals. Or the schools where American students are compromised by having people who cannot speak English and have little or no respect for America. Or the fact that students can buy drugs in the school yards thanks to Mexico’s racketeering.

The very bedrock of American traditions and culture, to which CITIZENS HAVE A RIGHT, has been successfully attacked and nearly destroyed.

However, patriots, such a those in Murrieta, California, who would not allow busloads of disease-ridden illegals into their city and protesters who stood all over the US on July 20th,  to tell the world:

Americans were compassionate. Now that is reserved for their country.

Now they must save themselves from the Leftist/Marxist/Democrats out to destroy government “of the people” so they will rule, as Americans are eviscerated of their country and freedoms. Something that already is well-underway.

Everyone must find a way to fight back now.



Baugh and his cohort are not serious about saving America.

They lack B & B.

Americans will have to do the job themselves.


Thomas Paine

Saving America as Founded

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