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The anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing, July 20. 1969, brings to mind feelings of pride in America, which have largely been wantonly erased in the past few years.

Last June Colonel Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin received a standing ovation when he appeared at a sold-out crowd at the Nixon Museum and Library, Yorba Linda, California. He sat on the stage in the elegant East Room, a replica of the White House room, and talked with his co-author of a book, which would be available to people eager to gain an autograph.

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It was not a scintillating show…because, after all, Dr. Aldrin is not some common actor playing a Star Trek role.

He is the real thing.

An American astronaut.

An officer of America, who flew to the moon and, together with Commanders Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins, returned alive to Earth.

They were the tip of the arrow, supported by millions of proud Americans, as they pierced the surface of the moon.

I felt privileged to be in the same room with him recalling that exciting achievement. Able to tell my grandchildren I saw the real thing.”

apollo 11The program began with a short film of the Apollo 11 mission, which brought tears to my eyes as I recaptured the rapture of 1969.

As a young mother I, along with billions around the world, watched live television coverage as Commander Neil Armstrong touched foot to moon July 20, 1969. He was then joined by Colonel Buzz Aldrin. What a sight it was. Live television pictures of Americans from the moon!

It was noted recently the astronauts’ computers have less power than today’s cell phones. What they had was personal courage, high level of skilled training and experience, and above all, devotion to duty. And they loved their country.

After watching the Moon Landing, I immediately sat down to capture the event by typing my impressions on my Royal typewriter. The note tried to distill, for my very young sons, and yet unborn grandchildren, the grandeur of seeing Americans achieve such a worthy goal. It was a stupefying experience. Beyond imagining. Thrillingly packed with pride at the great accomplishment of Americans.

Today, those feelings of immense pride are mostly in retrospect.

Each day brings more sordid revelations of power-hungry “dispatriots,” eager only to maintain and further their own personal aggrandizement and non-American agenda. They show no discernible love of country, only love of ruling. Even Americans under attack in Benghazi could not waken them from their petrified pose.

Gen. George Washington, to the disbelief of everyone, resigned his army commission so it would be seen as unmistakable proof he sought neither personal power nor economic gain, having served for eight years in the Revolutionary War for no pay. Today politicians become multimillionaires while “public servants.”

Washington was adored and admired by the people as the hero of the war, and many wanted him to take the crown of kingship, which was abhorrent to him.

In history, successful generals routinely usurped civilian power which Washington assiduously rejected. How fortunate the baby USA was in having such a great first president.

What has happened to the USA?

It is as though it is now being punished, forced to pay a terrible price for that previous good fortune.

Today there is little pride in accomplishment…only in the getting of other peoples’ money, which the “rulers” take to give to others – even non-citizens – using it to buy future votes and more power. Intelligent Americans know what has happened and see it as an ugly dishonor.

Elected officials are eager to give away the great privilege of American citizenship to undeserving millions who broke USA laws to gain entrance to this great country.

The same citizenship, which Gen. Washington and the men of Valley Forge spilled their blood to secure, the Leftists/Marxist/Democrats seek to dispense to 20-30 million illegals against decency and fairness to citizens.

muriettaThese illegals bring with them their habits and society norms at odds with democracy and self-reliance. They break into the USA to take what American citizens have worked and funded for their own children and grandchildren. The cost to citizens for these unwelcome invaders is enormous… hundreds of billions of taxpayer money is unfairly given to these people. While they send back $40-50 billion yearly to Mexico – the racketeering nation primarily responsible for much of the disorder seen in America. Such actions represent economic and cultural abuse to USA citizens.

Elected leaders are seen to lie, cover-up misdeeds, infringe the Constitution, abandon duty to defend the Rule of Law, fraudulently win elections and generally besmirch the grand legacy of this great country.

That’s why I went to see Buzz Aldrin.

I wanted to see someone who brought honor to the USA…not the dishonor Americans are being slammed with daily.

It felt wonderful to once again feel pride in American leaders, remembering what it was like when the whole world honored stellar achievement.

Today, with so many here outside the culture of self-reliance, citizens feel they are being terrorized to accept the unacceptable – giving the GREAT PRIVILEGE OF CITIZENSHIP to those who show contempt and distain for America and its Rule of Law. They come to steal, and the media assists with endless sob stories, largely without merit.

We salute today’s Patriots…such as the people of Murrieta, California, who refused to surrender their city to the hordes of disease-ridden illegal invaders. People who are unknown…their names, ages, places of origin cannot be documented.

Americans are told the invaders will be deported.

But instead they are sent by busloads and planeloads to interior cities, in secret, far from the border and released. A terrible infamy of harm to America. it has been reported the government is offering $6K to anyone in Murrieta, CA, who will take an illegal into their home. They tried force. Didn’t work. Now it’s bribery.

Americans across the land are standing with those Murrieta and other Patriots who are protesting the rampant abuse by the “rulers.”

The people of the USA have no legal, moral, ethical responsibility for the 400 years of Spanish Colonial racist, elitist policies that resulted in perpetually dysfunctional countries south of the border.

Mexico’s decades-long racketeering exporting illegal drugs, guns, poor people into the USA for the purpose of psychological warfare, subversion and profit has been successful. Just look around at the decay of the country.

Many believe the current invasion has been orchestrated by the “rulers” for the purpose of permanently disfiguring the culture and economy of the USA.

The people in power, shown to be lacking in love of country, ability to lead or tell the truth, care nothing for citizens, only accumulating power.

The exact opposite of the great George Washington.

We all must pray and hope for a leader like Washington – truthful, brave, a great leader, and most important, a lover of the United States of America


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